Saturday, July 8, 2017

Angel Michael-Film Michael-War of the Worlds-The Simpsons

I just got home and I came upstairs. I turned on the tv and I didn't want to watch the Simpsons that were recording. I was going through the channels and decided I would turn it to "War of the Worlds". Anyway when I went to change it, I noticed the "Attention" message had the number 312 by it. 
312 a number I've mentioned in regards to the Simpsons/Jesuits/Angel Michael. 
I figured maybe I'm supposed to watch the episode so I did. 
War of the Worlds=187 and 191(reverse)
Society of Jesus=191 and 187(reverse)
I'm really beginning to wonder if we are going to get news of Aliens or World War III around the Jesuit anniversary this year? 
The Jesuits interrelated to the Space theme and so on...
I also find it interesting that War of the Worlds was on channel 138. 
Donald Trump=138
Rihanna-Angel Michael-Simpson-South Park 312

The episode of the Simpsons comes to an end with Aliens saying they are going to destroy the world.....think about how that relates to War of the Worlds as well. 
I noticed it was Season 13 episode 17. 
This was a big number I mentioned back around the death of my uncle....Dan Marino wearing # 13 and Tannehill # 17. 
Daniel Edward Behrendt=1317(Jewish)
I even put a video out talking about it on 1/3/17 not even knowing I did so lol. 
Also the 286th episode....
Two hundred eighty six=923(satanic)
3/20 leaves 286 days in the's 191 days from the Jesuit anniversary...Iraq War in 2003 began this day. I've mentioned this day a few times...Also in my Cranberries post. 

Also interesting that "Gump Roast" came out on 4/21/2002. 
My last post was in regards to Prince's drummer dying and I mentioned how the Angels won the World Series in 2002. Prince died on 4/21/16. Tony Danza also born on 4/21...thinking of the movie "Angels in the Outfield". 

Think about how much I've mentioned how I'm supposed see this number because of the Gabriel/Michael stuff....
There's a bunch of youtube videos in which people talk about Demons and Aliens actually being the same thing and what not. 
I think it's funny whether true or not about Aliens/demons...but I've told the story many times in regards to seeing the UFO on 9/10/2001 in Beebeetown, Iowa. I used to tell people years ago I thought Aliens were part of 9/11. The attacks that lasted 102 minutes...."Al Qaeda"=102(Jewish)
Aliens War=102
Grey Alien=51
Area 51. 
Tin Foil Hat=51
Lubbock Lights=51 happened in 1951. 
Ryan Tannehill from Lubbock. 
Tom Cruise=51  also 120(reverse)
Archangel Michael=120
War in Heaven=120 

Looking back at my Simpson's post I figured I would watch the film Michael. 
I've never watched this film before either. What are the odds it begins with the angel Michael living in a small town in Iowa. Of all places....I live in a small town in Iowa. 

Basically the whole movie is about a magazine company that goes to do a story on the angel Michael. Notice the letter they receive about him is above another envelope with of course the 1 eye on it. 

They show some interesting pictures on the wall at the magazine company as well. 
Princess Diana...Pope John Paul II..The only pope to visit Iowa. 

Later in the film he head butts a Bull. The film obviously wasn't filmed in Iowa as it's the skinniest bull I've ever seen lol but interesting him fighting a Bull. 
He says he wanted to do this because it was his last blast. Meaning his last trip to Earth. Then says they only get 26 times. 

Later in the film he revives a dog after it is ran over by a truck. Then he says he doesn't have much time left. They get to Chicago and he starts losing feathers and eventually seemingly dies or his time is up. 
I wonder if this is a big key to what I'm supposed to see in regards to the above Simpsons episode. It begins with the feather floating around as it's mocking Forrest Gump. 
Small Town, Iowa=51
Feather=308(satanic)...a number I mentioned but not sure what it's meaning is as of yet. 

At the very end of the movie they start to see signs everywhere, just as I'm talking about in my own life. The guy is walking and randomly see a sign that says Michelangelo but he only sees Michel and then people move and he only sees "Angel" in the Angelo part. 
He goes to a restaurant and the waiter keeps telling him about Angel hair spaghetti. The girl hears "Angel Food" cake and so on. Later he says the experience with Michael didn't exist and if it did he would be walking and mysteriously turn right instead of left because of some unknown force. Then a car would get a flat tire and the woman of his dreams would get out.  Later he goes outside and a car does get a flat tire, but his girl is not in the car. Then he follows some more signs and eventually bumps into her. 

It's actually really a terrible movie lol but just want to show some of the things I noticed in the film, because it's for sure part of the puzzle. 
All throughout the film too they make sure and let us know Michael loves Sugar. 
Sugar=33(rev red)
They talk about Pie a lot in the film as well...seemingly referencing the food but also Pussy. The girl even sings a song about Pie....I just wonder if there's some joke I'm not understanding about Pi too. 

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