Tuesday, July 25, 2017

The Book of Eli-(El eye)-(A Lie)-Time in regards to God

I just posted about the word "Lie" and the connections to 317 upside down. 
Three One Seven=61=God and so on. 
I pointed out 
Lie=17, and 55(reverse)
God=17, and 55(reverse)
Timekeeper=55(red rev)
Hell=17(red rev)
It's interesting as a lot of this stuff goes back to Time. 
Watch=26(rev red) 55
Time Machine=55

Anyway it made me think of the movie "The Book of Eli".  
The book of EL...I   
The movie is all about preserving the Bible and trying to use it's power to control people. 

El is Saturn which also reminds of the Eye on Saturn's south pole. 
El eye? 
Eye=17 Also possibly it's the book of A Lie.  Eli..
The Book of a lie=61
God=61=Jesus=Holy Spirit=Sins=Christian=Church=Bull=Keeper of Time=Time and so on. 
Bi Bull

Interesting as well:
God's Word=105
Father Time=105
Chance the Rapper-Angels and Angles- God 7
Is Jesus Saturn blog post
I just posted a bunch of stuff in regards to 77 and more that goes along with this post. 

The guy who invented to Pendulum Clock was Christiaan Huygens. Notice he also studied the rings of Saturn...The Cassini-Huygens space craft sent to Saturn is also named partially after him. 
Pendulum clock=201(reverse)
Christiaan Huygens=201
Not necessarily connected to this but "The Book of Eli"=201(reverse)

Maybe watch this film again tonight after work. 
It came out on 1/15/10=26
15/1...Jesus Christ=151
1/15....Scottish Rite Freemasonry=115=Freemasons

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