Saturday, July 29, 2017

Howie Kendrick Traded to Nationals for McKenzie Mills-Kendrick Lamar-Meek Mill-Jesuits

The Nationals get Howie Kendrick from the Philadelphia Phillies. 
Remember the Phillies connected to the Jesuits. 
Philadelphia Phillies=191
Society of Jesus=191
Howie Kendrick=135

Howard Joseph Kendrick III=127
Born on 12/7...
Notice his bday also 3 months 12 days before the World Series begins. 
312 another number I've mentioned in regards to the Jesuits. 

He was traded for McKenzie Mills. 

Notice today also 1 month 30 days before the Jesuit anniversary. Also 61 days. 
McKenzie Mills=61
God=61=Jesus and so on..

Notice Mills and Howie's bdays are 130 days apart. 
4 months 7 days as well. 
Interesting as Kendrick is # 47 it says above. 

The opposite way their bdays are 235 days apart. 
Washington Nationals=235
The Society of Jesus=235(reverse)

The name Kendrick however reminds me of Kendrick Lamar. He was connected to the NBA Finals...I typed in to see what his favorite MLB team was and I found an article about him throwing the first pitch at a Dodgers game in 2015. Interesting tweet by the Dodgers as well....He's wearing jacket that says Patriots...The Patriots won the SB this year and also 2015....Makes me wonder if they are showing us the Dodgers?
Howie Kendrick=72
Kendrick Lamar=57
World Series=57
He throws the first pitch on April 27th 2015, the 117th day of the year. 
2015 was when the Royals won for the first time since 1985 and in my previous posts I mentioned why that's significant to the Nationals and the Twins. 

Howie Kendrick played 117 games with the Dodgers in his career too. 
Traded to the Dodgers for Andrew Heaney. 
Andrew Heaney=57(rev red)
World Series=57

His album Damn came out on the 104th day of the year. 
Howie Kendrick born 104 days before the World Series. 

That game was also 51 days or 1 months 21 days before Kendrick Lamar's bday. 
L=12 A=1....La....121
Kendrick=51(rev red)

This year on 4/27 the Dodgers won 5-1 against the Giants. 
51 days before Kendrick Lamar's bday they win 5-1. 
Notice Washington beat Colorado 16-5 on 4/27 as well. 

The day of this trade the Washington game vs Colorado was cancelled. 
Colorado Rockies=73
Los Angeles Dodgers=73
Notice today the Dodgers also played San Francisco again. 
They got their 72nd win today. 

The trade happens 88 days before the World Series begins. The Dodgers last won in 1988. 
With the end date it would be 89 days..
Los Angeles Dodgers=89(rev red)

In 1988 the Dodgers beat the 104 win Oakland A's. 
This was the 85th world series. 
LA Dodgers=85 and 50(rev red)
Twins=85 and 50(reverse)

In regards to my recent posts about Freemasonry and 317....

Also interesting that Kendrick Lamar was born 130 days before the Twins won the World Series in 1987. 

Also McKenzie Mills makes me think of another rapper...Meek Mill. 
Meek Mill the Philadelphia native...McKenzie Mills gets traded to Philadelphia too. 
Meek Mill and Kendrick Lamar also had a feud and diss tracks to each other. 
Mill's newest album just released on 7/21/17 called "Wins & Losses". Think about that in regards to Sports. 
Wins & Losses=37
Los Angeles=37
Notice he was born 42 days exactly before Kendrick Lamar too. 
We know why 42 is important in regards to black people. 
Los Angeles Dodgers=181  which is also the 42nd prime number. 

Meek Mill also released movie shorts starting on Kendrick Lamar's bday this year to promote his new album. 

The Dodgers responded to a Kendrick text promoting his song King Kunta in 2015.
King Kunta=36, 108
Kunta Kinte=36
Dodgers=36(red) and 36(rev red)
Major League=108....108 double stitches and so on. 

In the King Kunta video almost everything is Los Angeles based....Lakers/Angels/Compton/USC and so on, but they have one guy wearing a Nationals "W" hat. They even show him and at 1:13 they quit showing him. 
This year the 113th world Series. 

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