Thursday, July 13, 2017

Death of 2 Live Crew rapper Fresh Kid Ice-China

Fresh Kid Ice=61, 97
Two Live Crew=61(red rev)
2 Live Crew=61(v), 97 
Ninety Seven=53....he dies age 53. 

He was in a car wreck in 1988 and lost the mobility of his left arm from an injury to the "Brachial Plexus"=61
Think about what it says here too lol.  He lost the mobility of his left arm shortly before the release of "Move Somethin"
Move Somethin=59...Slave...Negro so on. 
Left Arm=42(red rev)....Nigger...February..Five..Nine and so on. 
Move Something=60(red rev)

He dies 45 days after his bday which is fitting for 2 Live Crew and their connections to Miami. 
Nickname is "The Chinaman"=57(rev red)
Chris Won Wong=57(rev red)
Chinaman=45(rev red)

Left Arm=114(reverse) just pointing it out as he died 1 month 14 days after his bday too. 

I think China is a big clue we are supposed to see in the story. 
We recently got Rob Kardashian posting naked pics of Blac Chyna.. Isaiah Thomas' sister Chyna. 

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