Thursday, July 6, 2017

Teen dies from too much caffeine unfinished Blog Post on May 17th

I started this post back in May but I never published it as I wasn't absolutely sure of the details in the story. Yesterday at work I found out for sure the kid I'm talking about in the post died from too much caffeine. 

So on May 16th for some odd reason I was looking into Monster Energy Drinks/Energy Drinks. My girlfriend drinks a lot of Monsters(at least 2 daily and a lot of times more). 
Then later I went to CNN and they had this article on there about a 16 year old kid who died from drinking too much caffeine. 
He died on April 26th, so it's a little odd CNN doesn't make a story about it until May 16th. Notice they got the 1 eye symbolism in it too. 
Anyway in the mix of all of this I noticed that the next day was 175 days after my girlfriends birthday. Also May 17th is 17/5. 
Energy Drinks=175(reverse)
My girlfriend also had to work that day as well at "The Cozy Corner". She just started this job a few weeks ago. 
The Cozy Corner=175
I told her about this and asked her to try and not drink any energy drinks this day. I also just had a bad feeling in general about this day in regards to energy drinks/caffeine. I can't explain it, but I just had one of those odd moments, which is why I think I was looking into energy drinks/monsters in the first place. 

So nothing bad happened to my girlfriend that day thankfully, but a kid that goes to the high school in town died this day. He was only 16 and died in his sleep, which I thought was odd considering he was only 16. I wondered and even said to my girlfriend, "Wouldn't it be crazy if he died from too much caffeine"?
Even weirder is that he did die from caffeine and was 16 years old just like the random CNN article about a 16 year old kid. 

Another thing of interest is Kolton is the first kid I know of who has went to Boyer Valley school and died since my best friends brother. 
Kolton Segebart
Kirk Sturgill. 
How interesting they have the same initials, and are the last 2 kids to die while attending Boyer Valley? They both died in May as well. 
KS...21....Saturn=21    Kolton died 2 months 1 day after his bday. 
Kirk died on 5/11 in a Saturn...."Saturn"=511(jewish)
My best friend "Chris Sturgill"=175
Kolton had 513 friends on Facebook too. How interesting the Gabriel number I have mentioned a bunch of times. 
He was also born in "Denison, Iowa"=513(satanic)

He was also a cousin of the Carey family I DJed for the day before Father's Day. 

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  1. KS is also post-al code for state of Kansas, which I found odd. Usually I here the ones like J.P. and J.C. or K.C., or you see C.C. and M.M. so ks stands out a lil to me.