Friday, June 30, 2017

Jimmy Butler gives out phone number at T-wolves introductory news conference-Jesuits

First off I want to point out that Jimmy Butler went to Marquette University....a Jesuit college. 

He was also traded with Justin Patton who also attended a Jesuit University(Creighton). 
Notice he was born on Trump's 51st bday too. 
Justin Patton=145(reverse)

Jimmy Butler born on 14/9. 
Jimmy Butler=149(reverse)

Notice in the above article he leaves his phone number for anyone who has "any beef". 
Phone Number=131
Any Beef=131(reverse)

Jimmy Butler=49
Phone Number=49(rev red)
Chicago Bulls=49

Interesting this article says it has 49 comments right now too. 

Cell Phone Number=163
163 the 38th prime...
Omaha=38(Patton is from)

Remember Dwayne Wade also went to Marquette...He's married to Gabrielle Union who is from Omaha. 
Butler traded 84 days before his bday. 

Gotta go to work, but should give him a call and beef with him about Gematria. 

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