Saturday, March 31, 2018

Trump slams Governor "Moonbeam"-A Governor theme the last 2 days

I have a wedding to go to in few minutes but I just want to document before I forget. 
This was the headline story today on CNN...Trump slams Gov. Moonbeam.....
Today is the Full Moon and we get a story about Moonbeam? 

Also there is something special about "Governor"....Yesterday we had the story of the 13 year old kid who is running for Governor...Former California Governor Arnold Scharzenegger having heart surgery. 
Governor=612(rev sumerian) also 1012(Jewish)...
1012 is a number I haven't talked about lately but it was important when my uncle Barney died to Christopher Columbus/The Book of Daniel and more..


  1. I noticed the governor of Kansas, Jeff Colyer, started his term on 1/31/18. We can see if Kansas wins their game to go to the championship with that 131 connection. Also, governor Brown? Maybe connection to the deaths of DuShon Brown and Linda Brown

  2. hey dan, I just watched big bang theory season 11 episode 9. it aired on 11/30/17. the episode focuses mainly on becoming rich from bitcoin, but they end up losing it all in the end.

    they continue to flash back 7 years prior throughout the episode, and in one dialogue, they are discussing Leonard and penny's breakups. to remember them, they gave them nicknames, one of which was coined "the saint Valentine's day massacre." this episode aired a span of 77 days before the stoneman douglas shooting on Valentine's. also 10 weeks/ 6 days or a span of 2 months and 16 days.

  3. So glad I found your blog. Derek has it linked on gematrinator.

  4. This was a big story to me as it was a date I'd been anticipating for close to a year. I believe this story broke the 30th or the 31st. DJT turned 888 lunar months old on the 31st. Now I think the big takeaway is that California governor Jerry Brown is a through and through Jesuit. He actually went through training to become a Jesuit priest.