Monday, March 5, 2018

Kobe Bryant's rape case in EAGLE County, Colorado

Kobe Bryant's rape allegations were from a hotel in Edwards, Colorado which is in EAGLE County. The sheriffs office that did the interviews were from Eagle, Colorado. How awesome considering Kobe's connections to the Philadelphia Eagles. Now they are bringing his rape allegations back up after the Oscar he won. 
It was a 19 year old girl....19th prime is 67. 
Eagle, Colorado=67(rev red), 113
Edwards, Colorado=67, 157
Kobe Bryant=157(reverse), 113

The victim was Katelyn Faber...
Notice her bday is 67 days(end date) before Kobe's too. 
Katelyn Faber=670(Jewish)...Interesting..
Los Angeles Lakers=67

The Rape also happened 10 months 9 days after Kobe's bday..
Los Angeles=109

7/1 leaves 183 days in the year..

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