Monday, March 19, 2018

Gematria Effect 14 year old caller from New Jersey-Bridge Gate Scandal-Oprah's neighbor Jeff Bridges

I'm finally finishing listening to this past weeks Gematria effect and I noticed something I think I'm supposed to see. 

This week and last week(possibly before?) there has been a 14 year old kid calling in and seemingly reading the info from my blog. He even talked about the Oprah story that I had to be one of the only people to even document. It was just a pretty pointless article to decode, but it was coded and it was connected to the "10" stuff.  
I'm not mad or care about credit in any way if this person is doing this. In fact I encourage him to call in and use anything he wants so the information gets out. I'm just making this post because I feel like it's some piece of the puzzle I'm supposed to see...

He calls from New Jersey which is something I pointed out in some of my old Big Bang Theory/Sheldon Cooper posts. There is something important to New Jersey with it. On this weeks episode he even calls in and talks about Sheldon and the Big Bang Theory. 

On last weeks show he talked about Dr. Oz's sister in law dying, which once again is something I had to be one of the only people document about such a non "big" article. What I noticed though is that after he calls from New Jersey, the next caller was also from New Jersey. 

Honestly I think for whatever the reason these calls happened for me to remember "Bridge Gate" the scandal in New Jersey. 

Bridgegate=220(Jewish) also 51, 57(rev red), 78, 192(reverse)
Think about how I've been documenting about dad and my son that both equal 192...
Moon=51, 57..
Fort Lee=36, 36(rev red), 81..also 266(Jewish) and 326(satanic)
Bridge=36, 36(rev red)
Golden Gate Bridge=81, 81(rev red)
Sheldon Lee Cooper=81
Pope Francis connected to the Golden Gate Bridge is the 266th Pope....326 what I call the "Gabriel" number. 
The Big Bang Theory=266(reverse)
Remember how I found the website telling us that the Hebrew Value of Genesis 1..."In the Beginning" reminding us of The Big Bang....anyway it supposedly summed to 2701(Hebrew) which is the 73rd(sheldon) triangular number and 37X73=2701....Anyway I can't seem to come up with 2701 when I try's 2707...but remember that website got deleted the day after I posted about it. 
Chris Christie Bridge Gate CNN article
Hoboken Train Wreck Chris Christie Chicago Cubs Tie

Notice too that Bridge Gate happened/began on 9/9...a number I've recently talked about in regards to Obama again..9/9 was also the day Queen Elizabeth II became the Longest reigning British/English Monarch...which was 10 days before Pope Francis began his trip to America/US by going to Cuba on 9/19/15. 
9/9 is 99 days before Pope Francis bday....Bridgegate happened 5 months 27 days after Pope Francis' became the Pope in 2013. 5/27 the day the Golden Gate Bridge opened....Francis born in 36'(Bridge=36)...Pontiff means bridge builder...
"The United States of America"=144(rev red) also 99, 261...
Ten=144(satanic)...all the 10's stuff going back to 144..
Think about how you can only listen to the Gematria effect episodes up to 10 days after it aired without subscribing too...

I first notice this caller on the Gematria effect on 3/7. Which is 527 days after I posted about Bridgegate on the Jesuit anniversary of all days..

The anniversary of Bridgegate to 3/7 is also 5 months 27 days. 
Golden Gate Bridge on 37N and opened in 37'. 
Chris Christie was big in the Chicago Cubs coding...
Chicago=37...he called the fan "big shot"=37 in the game againtst "Milwaukee"=37
Think about March 7th as well in regards to Sheldon Cooper....3/7 or also 7/3....
Chris Christie was the 55th governor of New Jersey and he's currently 55 years old. 

The Lower Level of the GW Bridge even 55 years old. They closed the Upper level in Bridge Gate....

Also interesting when looking up the George Washington Bridge it says the TV Show "24:Legacy" had a terrorist detonate a bomb on the upper level. Remember in the Original "24" series with Keifer Sutherland the former black president gets assassinated in Season 5 episode 1. 
24: Legacy came out the same day as Super Bowl 51. 
New Jersey=124
George Washington Bridge=124

In regards to him talking about the Oprah interesting that Oprah's next door neighbor is Jeff Bridges and his house was recently destroyed by a mudslide.  

Even a recent article about her trying to "Bridge the Divide" over 
Sheldon Cooper also has the new show "YOUNG" Sheldon...This kid is 14 years old just like Young Decoder...
There is for sure something with these Gematria Effect episodes that I'm synced with. Remember the Mary Tofflemire stuff where she talked about her Pet Pigs and I was sitting next to 2 stuffed animal "Pet Pigs" my daughter wanted me to watch while she was sleeping. It for sure feels like 1984. I'm interested in knowing the name of the kid as well....I bet his name or birthday is probably synced up. 

I notice this 117 days after my own birthday...

In regards to 10 days before...notice 81 days after the Miami Bridge Collapse is 10 days before Trump's bday...(6/4)
I'm thinking a big event will be connected to 10 days before what is seemingly a coded date....such as 5/17 which would be 10 days before the Golden Gate Bridge's 81st anniversary....
Jim Parsons=64(rev red)
His bday is 64 days before the 81st anniversary of the GG Bridge. 

Also "Garden State"=183(reverse)....remember I said lately this number is important...


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  2. I think Zach said this kids name is Chase.

  3. Another 14 in relation to oprah, she recently did a segment on 60 minutes about 14 trump voters and if their opinion on TRump had changed after a year in office. Trump even tweeted about it afterward saying that he hated it and he hoped that oprah ran from president so he can beat her.

  4. also 5/17 is one day after my day of obsession may 16th.

    the next day = 144