Friday, March 9, 2018

Minnesota Bridge Collapse-more 81

The Minnesota Bridge Collapse was on 8/1 and fell 81 feet. 

The main trusses were 81m in length also 266 feet. 
Interesting as I've mentioned 81 in connection to the 266th Pope Francis. 

It took 81 minutes to triage and transport 145 patients too. 
Just adds so much more to the coding...

I feel like I mentioned this before, possibly an old video but glad I have it on the blog now. 
I think I mentioned something about 18 construction workers killed 1/8 or 8/1...who knows...

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  1. Dan; Maybe this info could shed some light on 'The Golden Gate', that folks are picking up on.... just passing it along. These guys do research, put it out there and are pretty transparent if they don't know, they solicit input. A nice vibe. Worth a listen. IMO