Sunday, March 11, 2018

If Oprah had 10 minutes with Trump- A new 321 President of the United States

Oprah Winfrey=58(rev red)
Ten Minutes=58(rev red)
Trump the 58th term president who was in the 58 story Trump tower when he won the election. 
Presidency began on 1+20+20+17=58

This story comes 41 days after Oprah's bday. 
Ten Minutes=41
Notice she's also 64 years old...
Today is 3/11....The 64th prime is 311. 
March Eleventh=64(rev red)

Ha and I just stumbled upon something that goes with 321. 

President of the United States=321 also 147(rev red)
Trump's bday to the election on 11/8 was 147 days. 

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