Thursday, March 15, 2018

Pedestrian Bridge Collapse in Miami

Imagine that a Bridge Collapse...
It wasn't Philadelphia but consider this...
Miami Florida=65
Bridge Collapse=65

Florida International University even founded in the year 65'. 

I have been saying how there is something connected to Bridge Collapses and the Jesuits/Pope Francis...Notice Miami also lost on a buzzer beater to the Jesuit school Loyola Chicago. 
Loyola University Chicago=117 also 333(reverse)
LUC=36, 45(reverse)
Miami=36(rev red), 45
Bridge=36, 36(rev red), 45, 117(reverse)
FIU=36, 45(reverse)
Pedestrian Bridge=84
333 the number connected to Philadelphia in 2015...

This happens 6 months 12 days before the Jesuit anniversary. 
Valentine=612 and so on....the same area as the Valentines Shooting that was connected to Chicago who also had the Valentines Massacre in 1929. 
I just got off work and I have to go to band practice. I'll check up on the story hopefully when I get home.


  1. You have been saying that a bridge was going to come down for a while now

  2. Dan, check your messages on Youtube, I forgot to post them here.

  3. I just realized in light of all the 612 coding, that 612 years ago was the year 1406. 146 extremely relevant with all of the flag coding. that year, French troops attacked jersey, an island off the coast of Normandy under the rule of england, so perhaps there's something else pointing to the queen with all of the jersey you have been seeing.

  4. Dan, I did some research on the Loyola vs Miami game and found a bunch of stuff.
    You check it out and see if you can build off of it. It's also a strong possiblity that Loyola defeats Tennessee tomorrow as well.

  5. And now to research the UMBC win over #1 Virginia. It connects to 612 as well.
    University of Maryland Baltimore County Retreivers = 612 (RO).

  6. Hey Dan did you see this rationalwiki article? You're in here like three times!

    Gematrinator put down on rationalwiki

    New Gematria

    The Hall of Fame

    This Bearded Person in the comments doesn't seem to understand what "photographic memory" means or he's trying too hard to look cool.

    "Those pesky Freemasons did make sure to make our lives easier by encoding the most common word in the English language."

    (The Mindless Freaks)
    Not sure which is scarier. A) The thin blue line/men in blue wearing blue or B). Billions of people wearing blue at some time. Verification-Some people wear blue and it equals 13. Just in case you were wondering

    The Mark of the Beast is allegedly a circle. Since the Number of the Beast is 666, maybe a little bit of triangular math will clear up that circular logic. Do you know the etymology of TRIgonometry?

    (The Mindless Freaks)
    Maybe instead of making a custom cipher you can just do numerology on wildcard characters that can represent anything else. Holy sh*t!