Monday, March 26, 2018

Some things I noticed because of recent spammed comments-Twins-Wrestlemania 34-Bridge

I just got another spammed message on my old Miami Dolphin/Flipper blog post. I've recently been getting a lot of spam on it so I figured possibly there was something I'm supposed to See. 

What's interesting to me in this post I showed a few things involving "Twins" and this was before I even realized there was a "Twin Theme". 
Notice the first was about the Flipper album called "LOVE" and it's referred to as an evil TWIN to it's live album. Also Twin Turkey bombings? Notice it even shows the weather of St. Paul, MN on the top(Twin City). 

So anyway as I was looking at the spammed comments(top picture) I noticed they were talking about The Undertaker not being in Wrestlemania 34. 
Anyway I noticed that the Undertaker's streak was broke by Brock Lesnar at WM XXX which was in New Orleans. Remember Ultimate Warrior then died on 4/8 just after that. 
Now this year Wrestlemania 34 is also in New Orleans and falls on 4/8. Also think about Brock Lesnar and Ronda Rousey(MMA/UFC). 
New Orleans=45, 54(rev red), 126, 144(reverse)
Bridge=45, 117(reverse)
Undertaker=45, 117
With all of the resurrection stuff I wonder if Undertaker will actually come back for WM 34 though. Actually I just looked it up and there is talk he might wrestle John Cena now...."John Cena"=34

Wrestlemania XXX was also the year Daniel Bryan beat Triple H...I remember talking about how Bryan said in an  interview if he could wrestle anyone it would be Jesus. He said Jesus would win though...then he wrestled Triple H(888) and Jesus is supposed to be represented by 888 according to a bunch of numerology websites I was looking at during that time. Daniel Bryan even looked like Jesus around that time as well....Just thinking about how Bryan is coming back after a neck injury just like Stone Cold....
Austin 3:16(Jesus). 
XXX is 666. 

Ultimate Warrior died age 54 just after WM XXX. He came in to the WWF with Sting and they formed the Blade Runners.....Just thinking about that in regards to the remake of the film Blade Runner. 

Interesting I see Vince McMahon's wife also works for the Trump Administration. She began on Valentines day 2017...The 25th administrator of small business....born on 10/4 that leaves 88 days in the year. 
Trump=25, 88

Also in regards to spammed comments. I got this on the video I made about the 5 year old girl death last night. 

It seems that everytime I get something like this it's connected to what I'm talking about. Notice their Popular uploads has the picture of the Golden Gate Bridge on it? 

Trap Town=44(rev red)
Think about Bass shaking. 

Also last night just after I commented back to this post about JR Ewing I got a notification from someone named Jim Ewing on an old Jeopardy video. 

2016 views on a video I made in 2016.....

I put the video out 1 year 3 months 5 days before this happened. 
Golden Gate Bridge=135
The Key of David=135(was big in my Flipper post)
Jim Ewing=45, 45(rev red)
Golden Gate=45, 45(rev red)

Patrick Ewing makes me think of Georgetown losing to Villanova as well. 
I wonder with all the 34 stuff lately too...Kansas the 34th state and so on....I have a video playlist of Kansas in regards to the Philadelphia experiment(project Rainbow/Wizard of Oz)...

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