Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Eagles of Death Metal Singer posts Anti-March for Our Lives Rant

Of course the Eagles of Death Metal would be back in the news for something in connection to the Stoneman Douglas EAGLES shooting. 
Notice this guy born on 9/24 which is the same day as Nikolas Cruz the Stoneman Douglas shooter. 
Jesse Everett Hughes=94(rev red)
March For Our Lives=94(rev red)
Jesse Hughes=45 and he's currenntly 45 years old. 
3+24+18=45(day this story happened)

Funny how Wikipedia shows a picture of the band on 7/20 which is the anniversary of the Eagle Landing on the Moon. 
Also they formed in 1998....the year Nikolas Cruz was born and Marjory Stoneman Douglas died. 
David Bowie=94
Space X=94
Bataclan Theater=94(rev red)

Also remember the Bataclan located at 50 Boulevard Voltaire..
Bataclan theater=50
Ninety Eight=521(satanic)
98th prime is 521
9/24 leaves 98 days in the year. 

Interesting the story happened 118 days before the anniversary of the Eagle landing on the moon. 
Remember Glenn Frey died on 1/18 and then 1 months 18 days later Randy Meisner's wife died. 
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania=118
March For Our Lives Protest=118, 316

This story comes 863 days after the Paris Attacks. 
863 is the 150th prime number. 
Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School=150
Philadelphia Eagles=150
Anti March For Our Lives Rant=150(rev red)
Pope Francis(france) arrived in Philadelphia 863 days before the Eagles wont he Super Bowl too. 

The Eagles of Death Metal got their name from a joke about the Scorpions song, "Wind of Change" being Death Metal....
Interesting the lyrics to "Wind of Change" celebrate the end of the Cold War....yet again the Space/Moon theme. 

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