Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Fake Video of Emma Gonzalez ripping up the US Constitution

It's this type of stuff the media does constantly to keep people arguing over something that was purposefully put out. 
This is why "conspiracy" stuff is so hard to really know who is lying. I remember they had a photoshopped picture of Kanye West with the "Pray for Paris" shirt way before the Paris attack. Yes that shirt was photoshopped but the reason that picture got popular was for this exact reason. It baits people into sharing it and then makes the "Truth" look like a bunch of nuts. 
Emma Gonzalez=57, 51(rev red)
Teen Activist=57
US Constitution=57
Gun Rights=51, 57(rev red)
Conspiracy=51, 57(rev red)

The real video was with a Gun Target made with Teen Vogue. 
Teen Vogue=42
Fake Video=42
Fake News=42(rev red)
Doctored=42(rev red)
Forty Two=142
Parkland, Florida=142
Freemason=42, 51

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