Thursday, March 8, 2018

Comment on Ralphie May video-Donald Duck Mathmagic Land Cartoon-Chattanooga

I got this message earlier today on my Ralphie May video. 
What's interesting is their name is in Hebrew lettering which is something I have recently talked about/used. 
It translates to "Christopher Bing". 

Of course barely any subscribers, but some interesting videos in the playlist. I swear I get comments like this because people are guiding me to a better understanding. 
One of the videos is a Donald Duck Mathmagic Land. I've never seen or heard of this video, but it's super interesting. 
Link to Donald Duck Youtube video

In the video Donald Duck learns about Pythagoreans and the Pentagram. It basically breaks it down and shows how math is in everything around us. It breaks the Pentagram up and basically shows "Phi".
Notice how many Subs the video channel has though? 
321K....The number I have been talking about a lot lately lol. 

They quote Pythagoras saying "Everything is arranged according to number and mathematical shape". 
It comes to an end with a Galileo quote, "Mathematics is the alphabet with which God has written the Universe". 
GG..77 Remember he died age 77 too. 
Galileo Galilei=183(Jewish)

I mean how can the person write that comment to me and then have this as 1 of the 3 videos they have on their playlist? 

Donald Duck=89
Donald in Mathmagic Land=89

The guy who voiced Donald Duck died on 2/20...another number I've been mentioning...
Think about Donald Duck...Donald John Trump=220(reverse)
Clarence Nash=523(satanic)
Donald Trump=523(satanic)

I just realized another thing I didn't before too...
Ralphie May=614(Jewish) like Flag Day...Trump's bday. 
Ralphie May=108 ....all of the Moon stuff/Stoneman Douglas..

Remember he was from Chattanooga, Tennesee which is where my grandma is originally from...
Chattanooga, Tennesee=911(satanic)
Ralph Duren May=156....156th prime is 911. 
Chattanooga=192(reverse) and 105. 
Just interesting to me as I had a dream about my dad last night. Not going into detail but it made me look up more about him tonight. I mentioned him earlier this year because of the Jesuit/Father stuff. Then I ended up becoming a father naming my kid "Zamien James Behrendt"=84, 192, 321(reverse)
He was born 3 months 21 days after the Jesuit anniversary...
I noticed that Zamien was born 84 days before my dads bday on 4/11. (Ralphie May died 4 months 11 days before his bday)

Dennis Michael Behrendt=192 also 927(satanic)
The Jesuit anniversary is on 9/27. 
He was also born 281 days after my dads bday....
281 is the 60th prime number. My dad is 60 years old...
Denny Behrendt=60(rev red) what most people call him...
My moms name..."Ann Behrendt"=105, 192(reverse). 

July 11th..7/11 or 11/7 is the 192nd day...Zamien born on 1/17 was 7 lbs 11 ounces..His bday is 9 months 24 days before mine. My grandma died on 9/24 which was 1 month 17 days before my bday. 
Jasmine Cowgill=117(rev red) gf's name. 
Zamien Behrendt=105=Chattanooga
I know it's unorganized but there is something special about Chattanooga that I've been trying to figure out since the death of Ralphie May...

We just recently had the Chattanooga Bus Crash story come back up too. My Grandma died in connection to this story too. 
Remember my Grandma was actually from "Flintstone, Georgia" just outside of Chattanooga....My Uncle Barney was synced up to the Flintstones who were named after the Honeymooners....Ralph Kramden was a Bus driver on the show...
There was also a strange story in the area back on 12/12 involving a School Bus. 2 people died because a Bus started on fire. I'm still confused as to how they didn't just get off the bus, but supposedly the back door was blocked by the ditch...Anyway the girl who died was born on 12/2 which is the same day as the Ghost Ship fire in Oakland, California. This story happened in Oakland, Iowa....The driver was 74 year old Donald Hendricks....It makes me think of my Grandpa(fathers side). His name is also Donald and he used to drive the school bus.. 
My grandpa's brother Jake died on 2/3/18 too. 
Jake Behrendt=523(satanic)

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  1. Ralphie may always used to joke about how he married a jewish lady and had a kid so he was doing god’s work by creating more jews.