Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Sheldon Cooper The Twin and number 10-God is Binary-Rocky

Twins! @ Dan Behrendt Youtube Video
I just watched Zenith of the Alpha's video in regards to how our information is connected and the "Twins" stuff. 
I noticed Ivan Drago the Russian who kills Apollo Creed was 261 pounds. 
Remember this was a big number I was talking about in regards to Twins. 
Also Sheldon on the Big Bang Theory is a "Twin". 
Sheldon Lee Cooper=261(reverse)

My Band and 261-Twins
In the post about my band members being connected to the Twins symbolism with 261,(Wendy's..Dave Thomas and Thomas means Twins) I also mentioned how the Lottery machine at work had an Amber Alert. It was about missing Twins....At the time I thought it was for the World Series, but had mentioned possibly it's for the Super Bowl played in the Twin Cities...Anyway notice what the description of the suspect is....She had a large EAGLE Tattoo on her chest. 
What's funny is that at this time I couldn't figure out why my band was so important. 
Punch Clock Martyrs=220 and 239(reverse)
How fitting to what I've recently been documenting. 

Also today I started watching Young Sheldon because I know there is something important to that show.... I noticed that the 10th episode(10 days before and so on) involves an EAGLE Feather...
Remember 10 is super important to 144...
One Hundred Forty Four=261(reverse)
The first time I ever posted about 261 was in regards to Jim Varney who Sam has been connected to. 

I just watched episode 11 of young Sheldon. In the episode he is trying to learn about religions scientifically. He falls asleep and dreams about what he originally thinks is the number 10...only to find out it's actually 1 and 0 because God is Binary. 

How interesting in regards to 10 though..
God=10(rev red)
The 1 and 0 go on to tell Sheldon.."We are the binary code that underlines the universe. The 10 thing is a common mistake. 
It's a binary Universe. God is Yes and No, Left and Right, On and Off, Something and Nothing, Positive and Negative, Male and Female, Light and Dark.....
We need evil in order to have Good...

Think about this in regards to the TWIN stuff as well. Remember Sirius is a Binary/Twin Star.....The Dog Star...Dog/God the reflections...
Binary=39(rev red)

Sheldon also invents his own religion called "Mathology"=666(Jewish). 

The actor who plays young Sheldon is "Iain Armitage". 
Iain Armitage=527(satanic)...interesting in regards to the GG Bridge stuff...

I'm just documenting this in here as well because for whatever the reason I used to think the guy who plays Ivan Drago was the same guy in the film "Gladiator". I don't know why really possibly just the white guy-blondish hair in a boxing movie? Anyway it's just funny as I looked up James Marshall and he's well known for being in "Twin Peaks"...Plus Gladiator reminds me of the other film "Gladiator" with Joaquin Phoenix in it that's unrelated to this film. 

Cuba Gooding Jr. and James Marshall even share a bday on Jan. 2nd but a year apart. 
In the film he plays "Abraham Lincoln Haines". 

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