Thursday, March 1, 2018

Putin boasts military might with animation of Florida Nuke Strike-Jesuits-Trump

I just documented a few nights ago how there's something important to the number 183...
Today we get a headline story about Putin saying Russia has an Invincible Nuclear Missile and then an animation of a strike that looks like Florida...

Vladimir Putin=69, 183(reverse)
World War III=69

This story comes 220 days before his bday...
Vladimir Putin=220(Francis Bacon)
Donald John Trump=220(reverse)
Remember how we got the story of Mexican president calling Trump on 2/20 and got the the story 220 days after his bday...His bday the same as the anniversary of the Moon landing...Space Race and so on...
220 the number special to the Jesuits as well...
Pope Francis' bday is 2 months 20 days after the Jesuit annviersary..
The 220th Pope established the Jesuits. 
Jesuit anniversary to 2/20 is 7 months 7 days...
Two Hundred Twenty=77, 239

Putin up for re-election on 3/18 which is the 77th day. 
318 mentions of the return of Jesus in the New Testament.
318 the God number in the TV Show "Touch". 
Ha and March 18th is also 18/3...The 183 I began this post with. 

This story comes 145 days after Putin's bday as well.
Trump went to a Jesuit university..
Russian Nuclear Missile=261
Florida Nuke Strike=261(reverse)
Russian Missile=187, 191(reverse)
Society of Jesus=191, 187(reverse)
Trump and Pope Francis' bdays 187 days apart...Trump's national convention in Cleveland on 18/7 and it was 187 days before he took office. 

Notice this story comes 3 months 13 days before Trump's bday..
Putin is currently 65 years old..
65th prime number is 313..
Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin=313
Six Hundred Three Score and Six=313
Pope Francis became the Pope on 3/13/13..
Trump's bday is also 3 months 13 days before the Jesuit anniversary. 

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