Friday, March 9, 2018

Copyright Claim Blocked Worldwide on my Family Guy Synchronicity with my son video-Sylvester Stallone-Rocky-The Statue of Liberty

Just got off work and see that Youtube has blocked this video worldwide. It says because Fox found Audio/Visual content that's not allowed...
All I did was show a few screen shots of an episode I had synchronicty with. I didn't play any clips or anything. 

So I can't share screen shots yet if you search "Family Guy" on youtube there are thousands of video clips lol. What a joke. 

Funny how I've been mentioning there is something special to my son and this video is about the synchronicity with Family Guy the day he was born. It's also interesting I showed Sylvester Stallone in the episode as well. Imani, Zenith and others have been talking about the connections to Rocky in regards to what I've been showing.....

This comes 1 month 19 days after my son was born. 
Family Guy=119
Blocked=38(rev red)
Today is 3/8. 

I just rewatched my video as well. I noticed that a big thing is the number 117. 
I didn't however point out that Rocky/Stallone has a connection to 117. 

At the end of the video I mention Neil Diamond not touring anymore because of his Parkinsons Disease. I find this funny as just a few nights ago I made my girlfriend watch "Saving Silverman" with me. It was really random as Tommy Boy was on, and for some reason I asked her about Saving Silverman and then we watched it...That movie of course a lot about Neil Diamond...

Also I remember Stallone was in Nice, France when it was attacked and the media gave us this pic of him that reminding me of the Statue of Liberty....thinking about Wendy Williams collapsing dressed as the Statue of Liberty....

Also the cover of the film "Cloverfield" is the Statue of Liberty missing it's head....
The video blocked was about the 72nd episode of Family Guy...also season 7 episode 2 of Futurama I had synchronicity with in the hospital when my son "Zamien Behrendt"=72 and 72(rev red) was born. My friend "Cody James Green"=72 and 72(rev red) called me just before it happened. 
Statue of Liberty=72
I've seen people say that the Statue of Liberty is actually Apollo which makes me think of the Moon symbolism, but I'm not sure it that's true. 

Imani's Blog
I didn't screen shot all the messages she left but check out her blog. A lot of stuff that's connected to what I am posting about..
Rocky=72 also 63(rev red)
Sylvester Stallone=63
Rocky Balboa=105, 192(reverse)(see my previous post). 
Zamien James Behrendt=105(rev red), 192


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  2. I really wonder what Tyler said. Thanks for the shout out!!