Sunday, March 11, 2018

Stormy Daniels paid off 10 days before 2016 election-JFK Files

CNN keeps giving us stuff about JFK along with Stormy Daniels being a hot topic. 

Notice Trump's lawyer publically declared he paid Stormy Daniels #130,000 TEN DAYS before the Election in 2016. The affair supposedly happened 10 years before 2016 too. Notice the Oprah Story just below it as well. 10 Minutes...
Remember how JFK/Marilyn Manson/Pope Meetings are important to 10 Days before...
They released the JFK files 10 days before 144 days after Trump's bday. 
JFK died 144 days after meeting the Pope in 1963 on the first day of "Sagittarius"=144
Trump met Pope Francis on the 144th day of 2018. 
Ten Days Later=144
RFK died at 1:44...
Lincoln shot on 14/4 and had a dream 10 days before he died about being shot. 
MLK Jr. had a Dream and he was shot on 4/4.
Forty Four=144

Stephanie Gregory Clifford=139
She got paid 139 days before her 36th bday. 
Michael Cohen=57(rev red)
Stormy Daniels=57
Fifty Seven=139(reverse)
Scottish Rite=57
She was born on 3/17..."Scottish Rite Freemasonry"=317(reverse)

She's also from Baton Rouge, Louisiana that sticks out to me. In 2016 we got the Alton Sterling(Baton Rouge) story that was connected to the assassination of William McKinley...Obama gave a speech in Baton Rouge at McKinley High School and so on...
Thinking about all the 72 I've recently documented...
William McKinley=72
President Trump=72 and he will be 72 years old this year.
Taft won the 1908 election(Cubs) he died age 72'. 
Truman died age 88 in 72'..."Trump"=88...Trump had the biggest election upset since Truman upset Dewey in 48'. 

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