Sunday, March 11, 2018

Jane Seymour opens up about Playboy Shoot age 67

Jane Seymour=151
Playboy Shoot=151

Sixty Seven=512(satanic)
This story comes 5 months 12 days(end date) after Hugh Hefner died. 

I never really thought about Hugh Hefner dying just before the Harvey Weinstein stuff that brought on the Metoo movement/womens rights stuff....Hefner taking pictures and exploiting naked women goes right along with sexual harassment type stuff that's ongoing in the media. 

Also think about this ladys name....Jane Seymour....
Jane Seymour was also one of King Henry VIII's wives. The guy who had 6 wives(technically 3 because of the annulled ones)...It just fits right in with the Women's rights stuff. 

Her being 67 is possibly a play on the 19th amendment that allowed women to vote as well. 
19th prime is 67. 
Womens Suffrage=64, 172
Hugh Hefner=64 he dies 172 days after his bday just before the 64th anniversary of Playboy...
Playboy Magazine=172

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