Sunday, March 11, 2018

New Stone Temple Pilots Singer reveals Chester Bennington connection-Moon-Copyright Claim on JayZ video-Letter from Catholic Church

Now this story is interesting. The new lead singer of Stone Temple Pilots is Jeff Gutt. He was the lead singer of the band "Dry Cell", which has one of my all time favorite songs "Last Time". 
They came out around the same time as Linkin Park and sounded very similar to Linkin Park. 
He's now the lead singer of Stone Temple Pilots and Chester Bennington was the lead singer of Stone Temple Pilots before him. 

Gutt's first show with the band was 117 days after Chester Bennington died on 11/14/17. 
Remember 11/14/16 was the day of the closest Super Moon since 1948. 
Then Chester died on the anniversary of the Eagle landing on the Moon which was Chris Cornell(Black Hole Suns) bday. 

His first show with STP was also 6 months 12 days after his bday. 
Remember how 612 is important to shootings and Valentines. 
Also this story comes out on 3/8 which is the 67th day of the year. 
The St. Valentines Day Massacre in Lincoln Park...
Looking at my old notes I see that the only album of Bennington with STP came out on 10/8 and Scott Weiland died 108 days before Bennington's bday...108 a big number in connection to the Moon/Cubs/Stoneman Douglas. 
Weiland's real name was Scott Richard Kline. 
Scott Richard Kline=612(Jewish) also 108(rev red)
He was born in 67' on Philadelphia's 285th anniversary. (10/27)
A bunch of people saying 9/23/17 had to do with Revelation 6:12. 

This story comes 114 days after his first show with STP. 
Chester Charles Bennington=114
Bennington died 619 days after leaving STP...The 114th prime number is 619. 

Jeff Gutt born on 5/2...remember Cornell died age 52. 
Black Sun=52
Fell on Black Days=52
Linkin Park=52

Interesting I see "Soundgarden"=521(Jewish)
Stock market=521(satanic)
Stoneman Douglas won the baseball championship on 5/21/16 the same year the Cubs won the World Series..

I've recently mentioned 192 in regards to my dad and son..
Chester Bennington=192

I got another copyright claim earlier today on an old video. What I find interesting is I talked a lot about how the Jesuits were in connection to everything I was talking about. 
I've recently mentioned my sons birth was even 3 months 21 days after the anniversary and his name equals 321. I found out today that the same day he goes to the specialist(3/21) my dad has to go to the doctor again for his shoulder(see previous posts). 
In my Chester Bennington posts I mention how the Jesuits are connected. Even Scott Weiland dying on 3/12 which is big number in relation to the Jesuits..(Pope=312 and more). 
Society of Jesus=191...Bennington dies 191 days before the anniversary....also 192 with the end date like his name. 
Stone Temple Pilots=235 and 224(reverse)
The Society of Jesus=224 and 235(reverse)
Think about that Copyright Claim too...Jay Z has the Album with Linkin Park....Twins connection to Minnesota where Super Bowl 52 was held and Weiland died. 

Also the band "Dry Cell" most people probably remember from the "Queen of the Damned" Soundtrack...which makes me think of Marilyn Manson/Jonathan Davis(Korn) who I mentioned in January...
There's something really big going on, I'm just having trouble piecing it together at the moment. 

This story also comes 55 days before Gutt's bday. 
Scott Weiland=55
December=55(month he died)
Bloomington=55(where he died)
Fifty Five=108

This story also comes 33 weeks after Bennington died...33 days before the great american "Eclipse"=33. 
Notice it's 231 days too....a number that has been guiding me for a while now. I mean think about is 3/10 and this story came out on 3/ why was it trending on my Yahoo headlines? It's almost as if I was supposed to read it and connect the dots to the Copyright Claim considering JayZ and Linkin Park. 

I also got another letter in the mail from the Catholic Church yesterday too. I guess they want everyone to send $360 to them. It's weird as I've never got these letters until this year. 

The Bishop who signed this letter is Richard Pates...notice he is retiring because he just turned 75 years old and it's required for Bishops to retire age 75 it says. 
I'm thinking about writing a letter back telling them I will donate if they explain all of the gematria connections to me, and why they aren't teaching this to the people. 

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