Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Family Guy Robin Williams episode my girlfiend randomly turned on-Jumanji-Rocky-Info from 2015 yet again

I'm sitting here looking up some stuff about the Eagles of Death Metal and I fell asleep in the chair. I wake up and I see my girlfiend is watching Family Guy...Of course randomly watching the Robin Williams episode. 

What's so funny to me about seeing this episode is that just yesterday/2 days ago Zenith and Imani were commenting about Robin Williams....On this episode they even play "Rockin Robin". 
We've been covering how there is something connected to Earthquakes the film Rocky and WWE. Zenith mentions "The Rock" and Robin Williams and Jumanji....Last night at my house we watched the new Jumanji, then the old Jumanji and then I watched Zathura as well. 
Then today I went to work and was talking about how I'm gonna watch the new Roseanne tonight.....The lady I work with randomly said, she wanted to see the new Jumanji....I mean how does talking about Roseanne even bring up Jumanji? I laughed and told her that just last night we watched the new and old Jumanji's so funny she would bring that up. 

Also yesterday I stopped at my parents to get an Envelope so I could mail that basketball bracket money. The first thing I saw when I walked in was this box sitting on the Table that says "ROCKY" on it. That's also a RAM...Remember all of the RAM symbolism in regards to Levi's Stadium in San Francisco....Moses in the tribe of Levi....just before he receives the 10 commandments there is an Earthquake. 

Link to Youtube Video
What else is interesting is that Robin Williams episode is Family Guy Viewer Mail No. 2. The original Family Guy Viewer Mail
was the last episode before Family Guy was canceled that came out on Valentines Day 2002. I made a video about this episode in 2015. The reason it's so interesting is because the Robin Williams episode came out 10 years later in season 10.....The 10 stuff. 

Notice the episode I was talking about in the video was the 49th episode but also season 3 episode 21.....321...

I also just mentioned the 49th episode not too long ago in regards to Alex Trebek on 1/7/18. Trebek Brain Surgery

The next episode my girlfriend turns on is 8 episodes later. It just so happens to have a spoof of the film Philadelphia too. 
Episode 195...."Robin Williams"=195(reverse)
Minnesota Twins=195....hmmm

They also joke about Kurt Cobain in the 49th episode of Family Guy....I've just recently mentioned how there is something important to him again because of the "LOVE" theme I documented in 2015. Also his bday on 2/20. 


  1. Double r theme. Rockin robin. Ronda Rousey. Rowdy Roddy. Roseanne reboot.

  2. I've been following you for a while now and remember you talking about a theme with the movie stand by me. Just saw an article this morning about Corey Feldman saying he was stabbed in an attempted homicide.

  3. It's funny you bring up Robin Williams. I just watched the movie, "One Hour Photo" for the first time last night. It was after I watched the new Roseanne.