Sunday, March 25, 2018

Lisa Marie Presley in Marilyn Manson's Tattooed in Reverse Music Video-50

The music video comes out 50 days after Lisa Marie Presley's 50th bday. 
Remember Michael Jackson died age 50. 
It's interesting Presley born on the same day as Ronda Rousey that I just documented about San Francisco...
San Francisco=50
The video also cameo's Courtney LOVE who is from San Francisco...
Not too long ago I documented how Kurt Cobain was important to the symbolism with 2/20 and the date 4/5...

February 1st leaves 333 days in the year. 
Hot Ronda=333(Jewish)
Triple H=333(satanic)
Philadelphia Eagles=333(Jewish)
2015 was the 333rd anniversary of Philadelphia. 

Lisa Marie Presley even lives in San Francisco currently. 

The video comes out 168 days after the Album was released...
Brian Warner=168
Marilyn Manson=168
New York City=168(where he was injured). 

Tattooed=44(reverse red) and 116(reverse) also 100
Tattooed in Reverse=100(reverse red)
Courtney Michelle Love=100(rev red)

The video comes out 3 months 16 days before Courtney Love's  54th bday...
316 the important number to Charles Manson..

Pressley of course has Twin daughters one even named with the word "Love". 
Remember Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie going back on the "Twins of Evil Tour". 
San Francisco incorporated in 1850. 
California became a state in 1850. 
Golden State=50

There's something I'm missing, but will figure it out eventually...
Heaven Upside Down(reflection)
Say 10(God=10=Satan)
Tattooed in Reverse(reflection)

San Francisco also has the Twin Peaks named Eureka and Noe. 
Eureka, Noe=50
Notice they are 34 acres. 

The Twin Peaks tunnel opened on the 34th day of the year. 

On 1/17/1994 we got the Northridge Earthquake in Los Angeles. 
94' the year the Rockets won the Finals...
It was a BLIND Thrust Earthquake....just thinking about what I documented in regards to "Korn"=50 a while back. 
There almost has to be a big earthquake synced up to all the stuff I keep documenting. 

In the Korn post I talked about the Backwards "R" is 81 and 81 is important to bridge collapses. 
Notice in the Tattooed in Reverse video they flash the "R" frontwards and then reverse it in the beginning of the video. 
Even at exactly 10 seconds....Say10....all of the 10 stuff...

Also remember Michael Jackson the "Moonwalker"...Dirty Diana(Goddess of the Moon)....The Moon connected to the Tides....The Tide Pod challenge..

50 has been a very recurring number clear back to Twins/Stand By Me stuff I was documenting...There are lots of other numbers but thye all seem to point back to 50...such as 521(stock Market)..."Fifty"=521(Jewish) 
Stand by me=50
Dan Behrendt=50
A ton of things relate back to just before Super Bowl 50. 

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