Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Stephen Hawking dies on Pi day-connected to The Big Bang Theory

Stephen Hawking=65(rev red)
He dies 65 days after his bday. 
The 65th prime number is 313. 
Cambridge, England=313(reverse)...where he died.

Oh the odds he dies on "PI Day" 3/14 of all days lol. 

Think about how I've mentioned the Big Bang Theory TV show being of importance in the last year. Also Zenith of the Alpha was trying to figure out a big puzzle that was connected to Sheldon and the Big Bang Theory....Wil Wheaton stuff....Now Stephen Hawking dies....
Big Bang Theory=65(rev red)
3/14 is the 73rd day of the year.
Sheldon's favorite number is "73"...
21st prime number is 73.....Make me think of how he got ALS age 21. 

He also died 9 months 25 days before his bday. 
Interesting as the last episode of the Big Bang Theory he was on aired on 9/25. 2018. 
That episode also aired 3 months 14 days before his final bday. 
Also the first ever episode he was on was "The Hawking Excitation"=314(reverse)

Also interesting in the final episode "The Proposal Proposal" it says that Stephen Hawking tells Sheldon make Amy's ring like Saturn and put a ring around it....
When I first started documenting about the Big Bang Theory on this blog I talked about John Galecki being Professor Gabriel in the new "Rings" film...
The film about 7 days...and the 7 archangels...and the film "Arrival" that is about a 7 limbed alien "Ring Language". 

I also talked about the connections to the show "Roseanne" that is making a comeback in a few weeks. 

What else is interesting is Hawking dies 10 days before Jim Parsons' 45th bday...
Yet again another 10 days before thing...The stuff with Wil Wheaton and Stand By Me/JFK was all about 10 and 10 days later/before....

CNN even gives us this picture of Hawking on 10/10 at Princeton, New Jersey....Remember a big thing with Sheldon was that he went to Princeton to propose to Amy. I also mentioned a few other things that were connected to New Jersey. 

He was born on the 300th anniversary of Galileo dying too? Funny how I just re-mentioned Galileo in the post about Donald Duck..

Remember another one of Sheldon's heros "Leonard Nimoy" died on 2/27. 
Twenty Two Divided By Seven=314

Sheldon also has a Twin sister I was unaware of on the show...All summer I documented the Twin stuff after talking about Roseanne/Big Bang.....
Sheldon Lee Cooper=261(reverse)...a number I was mentioning with the Twin Symbolism...We just got a story about the Twin  astronauts DNA changing as well....
Think about Hawking in regards to all the Space/Moon symbolism too. The guy who talks a lot about the Universe....
I'll look more at this tomorrow, I've been so busy with Zamien/Work/Trying to read Zach's book/start a gematria website I just can't keep up at the moment. I'm sure there's something with the Ice Bucket Challenge/ALS. 

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