Wednesday, March 28, 2018

More in connection to Audubon and Creston, Iowa

Someone commented asking me about the Iowa family dying in Mexico. I didn't feel like re-typing all of this so I took a screen shot. Anyway yesterday I had to send money in the mail for a college bracket I filled out. I noticed the person I had to send money to was from Creston, where the family who died was from. 
His name is "Larry McNutt"=48
So it's fitting for the story and Iowa even. I know him because he used to be the basketball coach in the town I live in and my best friend was also a coach. I didn't know that he lived in Creston until I went to send him money. Also after he left the town I live in, he went to Audubon, Iowa which is where my sister lives. The place I just documented about with the Super bowl Commercial and the girl dying. 
Just wanted to post this as I find it interesting and no coincidence I noticed this just after posting about Creston and Audubon. 

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