Monday, April 2, 2018

Rocky Dennis-Mask and the new film "Wonder"

In thinking about the "Rocky" connections. I started wondering about a few other "Rocky" things other than the Rock and the film. I was thinking about the film "Mask" with Rocky Dennis. Then I remembered this film "Wonder" recently has been released about a kid with a deformed face...just like Rocky Dennis. 
In this film he hides his face wearing an astronaut helmet and he also wants to go to the Moon someday. It's not really the plot of the movie but there is a big space theme in the film. Also Rocky Dennis is portrayed by Eric Stoltz who was the original Marty McFly. 

I doubt it's for this year but there is a whole lot of New York Mets stuff in the background of this movie as well. The kid was born on 8/ he was born in August and named "August".  
They call him "Auggie"=229(Jewish) in the film. 
8/17 is the 229th day...
August Pullman=178....17/8. 

Notice the real Rocky Dennis was born in 61' and died 61 days before his bday. 
Rocky Dennis=61(rev red)
He dies age 16. 
Roy Lee Dennis=64

Interesting only 1 of every 220 million births have the disease that Rocky had. 
CDD=16(rev red)...He died age 16 from CDD. 

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