Sunday, March 25, 2018

Iowa family found dead in Mexico-Apollo 7-Stock Market

Iowa=48, 60(reverse)
Tulum, Mexico=48 also 60(rev red)
Think about Mexico in regards to the Wall..
Donald Trump=48, 60(rev red)
Wall=48, 60(reverse)
Kevin Sharp=60(father in this story)
The only president from Iowa was Herbert Hoover. The president during the 29' stock market crash on the 29th day of October. Iowa the 29th state. 
The Iowa Hawkeyes clothes reminds us that Kinnick Stadium built in 1929. 
Herbert Hoover=159
Donald Trump=159(reverse)

Notice the father was a STOCK car racer as well. 

In regards to how much I've documented about the Moon symbolism..What are the odds that an astronaut from Apollo(Moon Missions) 7 was from Creston, Iowa? 
Also born on 3/16 of all days. 
Walter Cunningham=183

The father's bday also on 11/1 that leaves 60 days in the year. 

They were found dead 7 months 9 days before his bday. 
Kevin Wayne Sharp=79(rev red)
They were supposed to go to a college basketball game in Danville, Illinois. 
Danville, Illinois=79
79 is the 22nd prime. 

Interesting as much as I've mentioned the bridge symbolism...Creston is 117 miles away from where I live. 
Creston, Iowa=527(satanic)
5/27 the anniversary of the GG Bridge. 

Also the only time the Iowa Hawkeyes have made it to the championship game in basketball was a loss to San Francisco in 1956. 

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