Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Rex Tillerson Fired on Pope Francis' 5th anniversary being Pope

Rex Wayne Tillerson=239, 220(reverse) also 94(rev red). 
Donald John Trump=220(reverse)
Fired on Pope Francis' 5th anniversary of being Pope. 
Pope Francis born 2 months 20 days after the Jesuit anniversary. 
The Jesuits founded by the 220th Pope..
Francis and Trump Jesuits..
Francis went to the Whitehouse on 23/9 in the 239th year of the United States. 

Notice as well that Rex Tillerson was fired 10 days before his bday. 
You're Fired=144(reverse)
Ten Days Later=144
All of the 10 stuff previously mentioned that's connected to Pope Francis and also the JFK assassination 144 days after meeting the Pope. I just realized JFK was also 10 presidents before Donald Trump. 

He is also being replaced by Mike Pompeo. 
Michael Pompeo=220(reverse)

Also interesting that today is 9 months 4 days before Pope Francis' bday. I've been seeing a lot of 94 in the last few days. 
Rex Wayne Tilleson=94(rev red)
4/4 is the 94th day of the year...
Forty Four=144
William Henry Harrison died on 4/4...Lincoln had the dream on 4/4 10 days before he was shot...
William Henry Harrison Sr=144
William Henry was the 9th president and Benjamin Harrison the 23rd...

Benjamin Harrison even died on 3/13 exactly 117 years ago. 

4/4 is also an interesting day as it's 5 months 23 days before the Jesuit anniversary. 
Donald Trump=523(satanic)
It's also 71 days before Trump's bday...
Catholic=71...he is currently 71 years old. 

4/4 is also Pope Francis' 5th year 23rd day(end date) as being the Pope. 
It's also 3 months 18 days days after Pope Francis bday. 
318 the God number....
It's also 316 days(end date) after Trump me Pope Francis..
Jesus Christ=316(Hebrew)

Both 4/4 and 4/5 are days to watch for this year...depending on the end date there are a lot of connections to both days to stuff I've been mentioning..Think about Trump being the 44th person to be president but the 45th president as well...

Also worth noting that Easter this year is 923 days(end date) after Pope Francis arrived in the United States on his 923rd day as Pope. 
Easter Bunny=144

Easter also comes 2 years 6 months 6 days after Pope Francis the 266th Pope left the United States. 
9/23 the 266th day of the year...
1,189 chapters in the King James Bible..
Donald J. Trump=1,189(Jewish)
Pope Francis' 1,189th day as Pope was on Trump's 70th bday. 
Key of David=1,189(Jewish)
Trump calls out the kneeling on 9/23....Francis Scott Key...Francis Got Key...
Pontiff means Bridge....all of the Bridge symbolism with the Super Bowl and more...The golden gate is where the messiah returns through...Francis' connections to San Francisco...
Kevin Durant=1,189(Jewish)...Golden State Player..
Golden Gate=239(Jewish)...23/9...239th year of the US in 2015. 
Kevin Durant=924(satanic)....9/23 was Francis 924th day as Pope...Nikolas Cruz born on 9/24.....

I'm also interested in regards to how I keep saying everything seems connected to what I was saying in 2015. It was a lot to do with Valentines Day....If you go from Valentines 2015 to Easter this year it's 3 years 1 month 19 days....Remember my grandma died on 9/24/18 and it was 3 years 11 months 9 days after her first child died...
Wendy Joan Williams=3119(Jewish)
The 93' WTC Attack was 3,119 days before the Towers were destroyed. WTC's proposed on 3/11 and destroyed on 9/11...
On a Clock 11:09 is also 23:09. 
3119 is the 444th prime number...
Jesus=444....Right now is 33 years after the 444th anniversary of the Jesuits..
Rex Tillerson=63, 72(rev red)
He gets fired on the 72nd day of the year...
You're Fired=63
He's age 65 and fired on 3/13 and Pompeo to take over on 31/3. 
313 is the 65th prime number. 

I also saw on Facebook people posting memes about Tillerson being fired a few days after calling out Russia on the UK Nerve Attack. 
Remember "Vladimir Putin"=220(FB) and we got the missile story 220 days after his bday. 

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