Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Austin bomber-Maryland School Shooting connected to the WWE

My initial thoughts on this Austin bomber guy is how much it rhymes with Boston....Boston Bombing, Austin Bombing...

We just got the story of AUSTIN Wyatt Rollins. I wonder when the "Stunner" is coming? 
Mark Anthony Conditt=81, 261(reverse)
How interesting numbers I've been mentioning in regards to Twins and Bridge...
Package bombs=261(Jewish)
Mark Anthony also reminds me of Julius Caesar...notice he died on 8/1 too. 

You know it's connected to WWE because even one of the victims was a so called "friend" of WWE star Mark Henry. 

Perfect date to be born 6/12. 
Especially considering last year's Wrestlemania was in Orlando...
The Pulse Nightclub shooting was on 6/12. 
Valentine=612 and Stoneman Douglas was 612 days later. 

Mark Henry also lost to Owen Hart at the St. Valentines Day Massacre in 1999 which was 99 days(end date) before Hart died on 5/23/99. 
99th prime is 523 and so on..
Mark Anthony Conditt=99(rev red)

Mark Henry's bday even 9 months 9 days before the Austin bomber kills himself. 
Donald Trump=523(satanic)..remember he got a stunner from Stone Cold in WM 23 on 4/1/2007. Same year as the Minnesota Bridge Collapse. 
It was on the 70th anniversary of the real St. Valentines Day Massacre. 
Mark Conditt=70(rev red)
Committed "Suicide"=34 and 70
Steve Austin=70(rev red)
Steven James Anderson=70
Seventy=34(Rev red)
Austin Wyatt Rollins was a bunch to do with 34. 
34 year old Cop....34 days after Valentines. "Maryland"=34
Owen Hart died age 34. 
This year is Wrestlemania 34. 
Also the shooting yesterday in Maryland was 19 days before WM and the Austin bomber was caught after 19 days. 
19th prime is 67..."Valentines"=67=Nikolas Cruz the 19 year old and so on...
Funnier yet I mentioned Tubby Smith in that post yesterday and his real name is "Orlando". 

Mark Anthony Conditt also commits suicide 3 months 4 days after Steve Austin's bday. 
Thirty Four=61
These bombings began on the 61st day of the year. 

Stone Cold even had to retire because of a botched pile driver by Owen Hart that eventually led to his retirement age 38. It was at Summer Slam 1997 in New Jersey. 
Steve Austin=38
It was the 10th Summer Slam. 

Notice 8/3 to Valentines is also 6 months 12 days(end date). 

Austin then got hit by a car(storyline) Survivor Series 199. It was  5 months 23 days after Owen Hart died on 5/23. 
It was a storyline so he could get surgery. 

Austin returned to wrestling 316 Days later at Unforgiven. (More explained below). 

Also interesting Marc Anthony the singer sang the national anthem at the 2013 MLB All Star Game....the year of the Boston Bombing. 

Also think of all the 316 with Charles Manson dying(National Anthem). It was connected to Aaron Hernandez dying...the kneeling was also connected to Tim Tebow(316 game)...
I think I still have a Stone Cold T-shirt somewhere that says "Austin 3:16" on it. 
Jesus Christ=316...John 3:16...

According to wiki Austin 3:16 is because of "Stone Cold Stunner" which is 3 words and 16 letters. 
Stone Cold Stunner=214(reverse)
Reminds us of Valentines Day 2/14. 

Stone Cold=44, 107
Earthquake=44, 107
Remember Hulk Hogan got his revenge on Earthquake at Summer Slam in Philadelphia. 
Philadelphia the City of Brotherly "LOVE". 
Of course we also have Rowdy Ronda Rousey fighting in Wrestlemania 34 that was connected to Philadelphia. She won her fight in 34 seconds just after Piper died. She beat Bethe Correa who is currently 34 years old. Rousey trained on 34N...lost her first fight to 34 year old Holly Holm..Holm's debut fight was on 3/4.....
Ronda Rousey WWE Debut Blog Post

Wiki says that because of these bombings South by South West concerts were canceled. The Roots and Ludacris....The Roots from Philadelphia and Ludacris real last name is "Bridges". He peformed a pregame concert at the Superbowl that Philadelphia won. 

It's also interesting Austin, Texas is where Lady Bird Lake is....We just had the film "Lady Bird" that was nominated for a bunch of stuff but lost at the Oscars on 3/4. 

The lake named after LBJ's wife...Notice they were married in the year 34'. 

Eisenhower also the president who authorized the establishment of NASA which led to the Space Race. 
Eisenhower's favorite game was "Bridge". Saturday night Bridge games were a feature of his presidency...

I'm also thinking about what I documented a long time ago in regards to the Civil War and presidents becoming presidents on 3/4 instead of 1/20. 
It was changed with the 20th amendment to lower the Lame Duck Period. 
Lame Duck=34
Kansas became the 34th and final state to join the Union 34 days before 3/4. 
The first president to begin his presidency on 1/20 and not 3/4 was Eisenhower the 34th president who grew up in Kansas. 

There are currently 33 amendments that have been proposed...possibly all of this is for a new amendment that is going to be proposed? Notice the constitution put into operation on 3/4 as well. 

Stone Cold's theme song was debuted in Philadelphia on 9/24 at Unforgiven. Notice the song is by Disturbed....Disturbed the band who released the video mimicking the news station shootings from "They Live" just before Roddy Piper died.
Also 9/24 is the day Nikolas Cruz was born. 

There is a whole lot going on with these stories. Remember how I said Omaha was important to 3/21....Notice Sting is from Omaha and born on 3/20...just like Chester Bennington of Linkin Park...Lincoln Park(Lincoln, Nebraska/Valentines Massacre)...
Sting used to come from the ceiling like how Owen Hart died...
Kevin LOVE was Sting for Halloween. 
Sting was in the WOLFpac....2nd day of Lupercalia is Valentines Day. Kevin Love the ex timber WOLVE. 
Sting made his WWE debut in Wrestlemania 31...WM 31 was when Ronda Rousey was first on WM...It was also in San Francisco and Triple H doing the Terminator theme.. showing the clip on the Golden Gate Bridge. 
Sting also came into wrestling with the Ultimate Warrior who died on 4/8 so WM 34 will be on the 4th anniversary of him dying. 

Plus remember Shane McMahon's Helicopter crash...and we just got the Mexico Helicopter crash I said was reminding me of Andreas Lubitz and the GG Bridge. Plus the story of the Helicopter crashing in the East River a few weeks back. 

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