Monday, March 5, 2018

Roseanne to make comeback on March 27th

The new season of "Roseanne" is coming out on 3/27. 
Notice it's 7 months 7 days before Roseanne's bday.
Roseanne Barr=77(rev red), 194(reverse)
Nothing has changed=77(rev red)

Remember they announced they were bringing the show back 194 days after her bday too. 

Her bday is 11/3 or 3/11...
Remember Roseanne practices Kabbalah as well. 

Roseanne is important too because of her terrible singing of the National Anthem on 7/25/1990 at the Padres vs Reds game..
The episode airing on 3/27 will be the 223rd episode. 
The Star Spangled Banner=223

Of course it also has John Goodman who is connected to the Ralph stuff....also John Galecki and Sara Gilbert who are in the Big Bang Theory....connecting to the Space Theme I have mentioned. 
Roseanne=91=Space and so on...
Stuff I documented last year...
Sheldon has the show "Fun with Flags"..
Howard is the Jew Astronaut...
Wil Wheaton(star trek)...the USS Enterprise is also the ship that John McCain was aboard that picked up John Glenn on Friendship 7. 
Jim Parsons went to school at Houston and San Diego reminding us of the Rockets- Roseanne's national anthem was at the San Diego game...
Roseanne returning to TV-The Big Bang Theory
Jim Parson's gay marriage-The number 37

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