Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Conspiracy Theory-Richard Hofstadter-Jesus Christ translated to Yeshu in Hebrew on Google Translate

I have been getting so many messages like this lately I can't keep up. A bunch of them I cannot even see to respond to either. I get the email but I can't respond. 
Our language was built around this system so yes "They" created the term conspiracy. "They" also created all of the things I talked about to fit with the term such as Area 51.
Remember "They"=58
Secret Society=58
Rose Cross=58
The list goes on. 

This negative connotations to the term "Conspiracy Theory" supposedly trace back to this guy. 

He died 2 months 18 days after his bday. 
Notice he was born on 8/6 that is normally the 218th day of the year. He was born in a leap year though...
Conspiracy Theory=218(reverse)

August 6th also leaves 147 days in the year. 

Also the term was supposedly pushed by the CIA to become popular...
August 6th....6/8 or 8/6...

Hofstadter died on 10/24 that leaves 68 days in the year. 

There is also some person who keeps telling me that Jesus Christ doesn't equal 316 in Hebrew. I can't find the email with the comment in it now and it doesn't show up in order for me to comment back. 
I appreciate what he is showing me, but what I'm saying is still relevant. Google translates "Jesus Christ" to the Term "Yeshu" in Hebrew. 
Think about how much Google controls the world. If Google is showing it this way then there is relevance to it. I mean think about it. "Jesus" is also just a translation but that doesn't take away that..
and so on...
It's translating it that way for a reason. 

Yeshu is historically assumed to be a reference to Jesus when used in the Talmud. So Yeshu is a translation for Jesus. 
So "Technically" Jesus Christ is not 316 in Hebrew but the translation(Yeshu) that google uses as a reference to Jesus is 316. So the next time I say Jesus Christ is 316 in Hebrew this is what I mean. I will try and say according to the "google translation" from now on.

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  1. His name is YAHAWASHI not yeshu , the fathers name is (YHWH) YAHAWAH , not yahweh or adnoi when praying say this I palal YAHAWAH Bahasam YAHAWASHI