Monday, March 19, 2018

Death of a 5 year old girl from the town my sister lives in 42 days after the Eagles win th Super Bowl

I just got on Facebook and the first post that came up was this. It's my sister talking about the death of a 5 year old who drowned in the Big Sioux River. The girl is from the same town she is from....Remember how I said the Eagles were connected to the town she lives in, and also their town was featured in a Super Bowl commercial? It doesn't surprise me that they would have a tragic death....

This happens 42 days after the Super Bowl on 2/4 or 4/2. 
The girl was "Five"=42

Falls Park=33, 42
Maggie=33, 42
Zaiger=33(rev red)
33 important to the Freemasons and so on...
According to her mother is even 33 years old. 

The last time someone died there one of them even had "Eagle" in their name. Although it was March 14th not March 15th as this article states. 

Notice the recurring "72". 
Seventy Two=42

Her full name is the same as the river she died in. So is the girl who died with Eagle Tail. 

The story even involves none other than a Bridge..

It's sad we live in this coded world and hardly anyone wants to learn more about it. I don't even know this person, but I feel really bad. This death is for sure some type of ritual in relation to the Super Bowl and the town getting the Super Bowl commercial. 
I tell my sister about this every time I see her and she just doesn't get it like most other people. I was telling her all about the Eagles connections just last week and her response was....tell me when I'm going to become a billionaire then...all it does it frustrate people...even people who I consider "smart" such as my friend/guitarist Pat. I tell him about all of this and he eventually gets frustrated and says, "Well you should be making money off of this"....It's like the only fucking thing people care about is money. I could go on all night, but this death pisses me off. I know I could tell my sister about all of this and she will still think it's "coincidence" just like almost every other person. 


She dies 181 days after her birthday. 
181 is the 42nd prime number. 
Without the End date it's 5 months 27 days.(GG Bridge Stuff)
Her Father's bday is also 6/12 according to Facebook. (612..Earthquake/Valentine and so on). 

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