Thursday, March 29, 2018

DMX gets 1 year jail sentence-Bridge-Stock Market

They must have upped his sentencing a day because originally it was supposed to be March 29th the 88th day of the year. Remember this arrest is connected to the 88th anniversary of the Stock Market Crash. He even has the Album "The Great Depression". 

This comes 3 months 28 days after he plead guilty. Today is 3/28. 
I'm trying to figure out why he's wearing the Def Leppard Shirt? 
Def Leppard=87 also 183(reverse)
This is on the 87th day of the year. 

Slippin=41, 40(rev red), 95, 94(reverse)
Tax Fraud=95
Tax Evasion=40
DMX=41, 40(reverse) also 14. 
Jed Rakoff=40
Fourteen=41, 40(rev red)...had 14 counts. 

Interesting the Judge born on 8/1.....the Bridge symbolism..and also born in Philadelphia. 
Possibly the collapse with the Bridge is for the Stock Market as they have been interrelated. 

The Def Leppard Album came out in 81' as well. Also on 11/7...
Def Leppard=48(rev red)
Earl Simmons=48
Jed Saul Rakoff=48
Donald Trump=48

Better yet Joe Elliott the lead singer of Def Leppard born on 8/1 too. 
I bet you anything that there is something significant to my friends mom Neva that is connected...She is the biggest Def Leppard fan I've ever met.
Also notice Joe Elliott in the David Bowie Tribute band called the Cybernauts....
Think about all the 40, 41 above..."Valentines"=40

It's also interesting that today is 239 days after 8/1 and 4 months 4 days before 8/1. 
Golden Gate=239(Jewish)
High N Dry makes me think of a Flood or Tsunami too. The 2004 Tsunami was 42 days before the Eagles lost to the Patriots in the Super Bowl as well. 

Also DMX had a feud with Ja Rule...I wouldn't doubt if he dies or is in the news sometime this year as he just turned 42 years old on the 60th day of the year. 
Nigger=42, 60
Ja Rule=41(rev red)
Jeffrey Bruce Atkins=81
Jeffrey Atkins=59=Slave and so on..

The song "Slippin" also samples a song called "Moonstreams". 

Just before Slippin is the song "Damien II" featuring Marilyn Manson too. Slippin is track 10....who knows just makes me wonder...

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  1. I won some free tickets to see def leppard about a year ago...Joe Elliot is definitely a big Jew. One thing I noticed at the concert on the big screen was that they kept on zooming in on his 2 black rings that are identical to Joe bucks. Another thing I thought was weird is that they make the two p's in leppard look like backwards 44's.