Friday, March 23, 2018

Death of Bozo the Clown-2017 It Film-Happy Gilmore

Bozo the Clown died on 3/20.  
He was the first Bozo on the syndicated show. 

As much as I've been mentioning the Bridge/Earthquake symbolism there has to be a connection to Happy Gilmore. He tells the Clown he's gonna die just before learning how to putt on the Earthquake Golf Course. The building that falls looks like the Comcast Center and there is also a collapsed bridge/highway overpass. 
Also it makes me think of the movie "It" that came out not too long ago. 
I'll also have to go back and watch an old Adam Sandler movie called "Shakes the Clown". 

It came out in the United States 6 months 12 days before Bozo dies. 
Revelation 6:12-the great Earthquake. 
9/8 is also Pink's bday(Just documented about that again). 
193 is the 44th prime number. 
Remember the trailer for "It" was also released 44 days before 9/8. 

The version of Bozo most people remember is the Chicago version that taped the final episode on 6/12.....For 40 years of Fun...
Also Bozo dies age 89.....It came out on 9/8 or 8/9. 

Interesting bday as well. 5/21....
Stock Market=521(satanic)
5/21 the day the Stoneman Douglas Eagles won the Baseball Championship in 2016. 
It comes out on 9/8....
Ninety Eight=521(satanic)
98th prime number is 521

He also dies 2 months 2 days before his bday...
Boston=22(where he died)
Golf=22(Happy Gilmore)...Also loves Boston(Bruins). 
22nd prime number is 79...He died on the 79th day of the year. 

I gotta get some sleep, but also wasn't it 2016 when we got all the scary clown stories? People dressing up as clowns and scaring people? Plus Lebron James was It for Halloween. Also this new story about the Protests of the Stephon Clark at the KINGS game...who knows just reminds me of Stephen KING. 


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  2. Have you had a chance to revisit the stuff you did on purdue and Michigan last year.
    Purdue and Michigan still in the NCAA tourny. JayHAWKs are still in. HAWKing died on Cernans birthday. Loyola are still in, the only time they won it all was 1963, the year Hawking was diagnosed.