Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Spirit Riding Free cartoon on Netflix episode about an Earthquake that collapses a bridge-Synchroncity with That 70's show

I haven't been able to do much tonight after work as Zamien didn't really let me put him down until Jasmine got home. 
Anyway as I was sitting here rocking him I started watching the cartoon Claire had turned put on from Netflix. 
It's a cartoon about a girl and her horse basically...It's called "Spirit(Riding Free)" 
The episode I started watching just so happened to be about an earthquake that collapsed a train I mean how funny as much as I've mentioned this concept multiple times. 
The episode after this was about the children finding a Gold Mine, but it turned out to be Fools Gold....just interesting in regards to San Francisco...49ers and so on...
It was season 3 episode 18 and it came out 3 months 18 days(end date) ago. 
318 the God number....318 mentions of the return of Jesus and so on..

Today (3/6) is the 65th day of the year too. 
Bridge=36 and 36(rev red)
Netflix=36 and 36(rev red)

November 17th is also the 321st day of the year leaving 44. 
I've recently mentioned 321 is important...
Spirit=44(rev red)
Zamien James Behrendt=321(reverse) also 105
He has to go see a specialist on 3/21 because he has a hernia too. 
Spirit Riding Free=105

Today is also 1 month 17 days after he was born on 1/17. 
Bridge=117(reverse) and 117(eng ext) also 107(Jewish)
Train Bridge=107
Not the same but interesting the episode is from 11/17 too. 

Trump calling out the NFL and the importance of the Flag being sewn by Betsy Ross makes me wonder if there is something to do with the Betsy Ross Train Bridge?
Elizabeth Griscom Ross=117(rev red)
Elizabeth Ross=614(satanic) also 60, 159
Donald Trump=60(rev red), 159(reverse)...born on 6/14.. which is Flag Day...

Haha as I'm reading about the Betsy Ross Bridge I get to the part about the Evel Knievel ghost I'm reading that the TV said Holy Crap is that an Evel Knievel Stunt Cycle? 
It was That 70's show season 7 episode 11...or the 11th episode of season 7....711 or 117.  Zamien weighed 7 lbs 11 ounces too. 
It was "Steven Hyde"=44(rev red) that said it...

Evel Knievel died 44 days after his bday. 
He died 322 days before his bday..but in a non leap year it would be 321. 
Robert Craig Knievel Jr=105, 318(reverse)
Evel Knievel=50, 58(rev red), 122, 175(reverse)
Pope Francis=58(rev red), 122, 175(reverse)

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  1. Woah! I was randomly looking for more shows by Andy Yeatman online, I somehow ended up to this interesting post. Earthquake reminds me of one day a lot when my car went back because of it. I was so scared that day, I left my car and ran.