Friday, March 30, 2018

Arnold Schwarzenegger has open heart surgery-Wrestlemania 31-San Francisco-Philadelphia

Open Heart Surgery=89
Today the 89th day of the year. 

This story comes 8 months 1 day after Arnold's bday. 
The governor of California...
Golden Gate Bridge=81

Arnold Schwarzenegger=923(satanic)
How interesting he was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2015 which was the year of Wrestlemania 31. Inducted by Triple H who did the Terminator character in WM 31...with the footage of Genisys showing the Bus crash on the Golden Gate Bridge. 
2015 was the big year in regards to Pope Francis visit to the US and 923. 

This story comes 122 days(no end date) before Arnold's bday. 

Pontiff means "Bridge Builder"...Pope Francis says christians build Bridges not Walls. Francis named after St. Francis of Assisi just like San Francisco. 
Pope Francis=122
San Francisco=122 located on 122W. 

Interesting he said, "I'm Back" when he first woke up....
This reminds me of Michael Jordan saying "I'm Back" when he came out of retirement...Remember Jordan connected to Valentines/Philadelphia/Earthquakes.
Think about Arnold's surgery too....Open HEART...reminding us of Love..
I'm Back=123(reverse)....with the End Date it's 123 days before Arnold's bday. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger=106, 101(rev red), 223
Philadelphia=101, 223(reverse)
In 2015 I talked a lot about Michael Jordan retiring on 10/6. Which is also 9/23 on the Julian Calendar....The original capital of the country Jordan was Philadelphia until 106 AD and it was later destroyed by Earthquakes. 
Philadelphia mentioned in the Book of Revelation(Prophecy). 

This also comes 3 years 1 day after Wrestlemania 31. 

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  1. Absolutely enjoy your work. My motivation is to no longer follow sports, yet, to research what the holy scriptures are revealing with gematria, and your work assists with this. For being the most mysterious book ever, I am now correlating astrology, magic, and gematria as only a few secrets the Bible is sharing with us about this holographic realm.
    Keep soul searching, brethren,