Thursday, March 22, 2018

Roddy Piper's feud with Stone Cold before he died-Other Piper Feuds-Valentine-Rocky-The Goonies-Some odd life events

Some things I missed from yesterdays post in regards to WWE is that Roddy Piper and Stone Cold had a feud just before Piper died in 2015. It was because they made fun of Stone Cold on Piper's podcast called "Piper's Pit". 

Also Piper had 34 championships in the WWE. 
Look at the people he had Feuds with in Wrestling...
Also Adrian Adonis and Hulk Hogan. 
Remember Hulk Hogan was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame by Sylvester Stallone. Hulk Hogan also in Rocky III...
Think about the name Adrian Adonis...
Adrian is Rocky's wife....Adonis is Apollo Creed's son in the new film "Creed". Adonis is played by actor Michael B. Jordan. The capital of the country Jordan used to be Philadelphia until 106AD and later destroyed by Earthquakes. 

Also the feud with Hogan involved Cyndi Lauper...
Reading through her Wiki I see she was on Billy Joel's 10th album that had 2 songs peak at # 10 on the charts. Notice it was called "The Bridge". 

There's for sure something connected to Cyndi Lauper and the Goonies as well. A bunch of Wrestlers were in the "Goonies R Good Enough" video...Also thinking about Stone Cold and the "Skull"....One Eyed Willie being a Skeleton....the Skeleton Key, The Skeleton Piano. It's funny just now thinking this but before I went to bed the other night I watched part of the movie "The Skulls". Also thinking about the film "They Live" when he sees the Truth the peoples faces remind me of Skeletons. 

I'll have to find my old notes on the Goonies. I remember the guy who played Sloth was the first pick in the 1973 NFL draft and played for the Oakland Raiders. He retired after winning the Super Bowl in 1981. 

Also Mama Fratelli was born in Omaha, Nebraska. Interesting she died on Hulk Hogan's birthday too. 

I'm telling you it's all connected to everything I talked about in 2015. Remember the mom on the Goonies "Mary Ellen Trainor" died in 2015 as well. 
She was also in Action Jackson(Carl Weathers/Vanity). 
Action Jackson and Rocky both pointing to Thanksgiving...

The Goonies is funny too as it reminds me of how long I have questioned things in depth. I remember as a kid bringing up the fact that the Goonies were poor yet they could afford a mexican maid to help them out. Adam Sandler movies as well, I noticed the girl he falls in love with in a lot of his early films had a double "V" name. 
The Goonies R Good Enough=321(reverse)
Notice Wiki mentions the song was covered by New Found Glory...They were super connected to Stoneman Douglas and Stand By Me....

Sean Astin wasn't in Stand By Me but he does die in the show "Stranger Things"....Remember the actors had to tryout by reading parts from Stand By Me. 
Remember all of the Super Bowl Commercials with David Harbour(Stranger Things)...Also the Skylar Grey Budweiser commercial about Water singing "Stand By Me"...Skylar Grey also connected to Wrestlemania's I previously documented. 

The Goonies=117
Cynthia Ann Stephanie Lauper=117

Also I noticed something interesting today at work. A vendor named "Dan" came in and I thought my boss was talking to me but she was talking to him. 
This same thing has happened multiple times this week with different Dan's. One day I came to work and a coworker yelled, Hi Dan from the back. There was an older guy sitting at the table she couldn't see and he yelled Hi back. Then that same guy on a different day was washing his hands in the kitchen and a different coworker was talking to me and he thought she was talking to him. Also a different coworker from the other 2 on a different day started talking to a kid named Dan/Daniel. I couldn't see him around the corner and I thought she was talking to me. lol. I figured there is something I'm supposed to see with my first name. 
Dan=10, 17(rev red), 19, 62(reverse)
Daniel=27, 36(rev red), 45, 117(reverse)
Bridge=36, 36, 45, 117
Gabriel=36, 45(rev red), 54, 135(reverse)
Golden Gate Bridge=135

Also another strange thing happened a few days ago. My Uncle Wally was going to see my Uncle Clancy in the hospital(3/19) and he blacked out while driving. He was in the parking lot and only hit a parked car. He ended having to stay in the same hospital for testing. It turns out he passed out because of his heart. So he is now at home and not supposed to do anything but rest. Then yesterday on 3/21...same day my dad had to go for a checkup on his shoulder and my son had to see a specialist about his herniated belly uncle Clancy(bad lung) got released from the hospital. He's not any better but insurance didn't want to pay for him to stay in the hospital or something along the lines of that. So now he is staying at my Uncle Wally's....So my Aunt is staying there helping to take care of Clancy because Wally isn't supposed to do anything. ...It's like this crazy cluster of things going on.....Also since Clancy is out of the hospital his son and fiance are having their wedding on 3/31 instead of in the fall as originally planned. Also today 3/22 is Clancy's bday. 
Of course this stuff happens in Omaha...
Omaha Nebraska=319(Jewish), 80(rev red)
3/21 the 80th day of the year. 

Also remember just before Roddy Piper died Hulk Hogan's scandal of making racist comments came out. Notice Mark Henry was offended by the remarks. 
Hulk Hogan always called people "Brother" as well which was part of the mocking. 

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