Sunday, March 25, 2018

Twins-Adonis on TV earlier-The Rock-Earthquake-Ronda Rousey and a bunch of WWE thoughts

Today a girl at work was talking about her relative named "Donis". I thought she said, "Adonis" but she didn't. I was still interesting as I just documented about Adonis Creed and Adrian Adonis....I'm finally home and turned on the TV. As I was scrolling through the channels I noticed the Film "Twins" is on. Look at the description though..."A bookish Adonis"....I'm assuming they are referring to Adonis the lover of Aphrodite in regards to Arnold Swarzanegger's character in the film.....his name is actually Julius Benedict in the film though. 
So Twins theme reminding me of Rocky yet again...
The film is about going to Houston to take the briefcase to McKinley....McKinley gets killed...
Also it reminds me of Batman considering Arnold and Devito both played the bad guy in Batman movies. 

Also in regards to WWE and Rocky it reminds us of "The Rock".....I wonder if his father will be a sacrifice for Wrestlemania this year? 
He even lives in Broward County which is the same area as Stoneman Douglas and the Miami Bridge Collapse. 
Dwayne Johnson....Dwayne Wade....
The Rock born in 72'. 

Interesting too that in 10th grade he went to Mckinley High School in Honolulu, Hawaii. 
Just thinking about all the "10" stuff that seemingly is pointing to a political assassination....McKinley was the assassinated president that Obama was connected too in my 2016 info...Obama from Hawaii....

William McKinley=72
He defeated William Jennings Bryan twice in elections...
Then Bryan lost to Taft in 1908(Cubs)...Taft died age 72'. 
President Trump=72
Truman died in age 88' in 72'.....Trump had biggest Election upset since Truman.."Trump"=88...

The Rock is currently 45 years old....The Cubs were cursed in 45' and BTTF II they sweep "Miami"=45 and a lot more....Trump the 45th president...

Remember the Rock was on Wrestlemania 31 and was the reason Ronda Rousey was on WM 31. 
The Rock was born in San Francisco where WM 31 was held...Triple H doing the Terminator theme where they show the crash on the GG Bridge. 
The Rock even makes fun of Triple H for dressing up like Terminator on WM 31. 

Terminator Genisys=231(Think about Arnold)
National Anthem=231(reverse)

The WWE's precursor began in 1952 and the WWE began on the 52nd day of 1980. The Rock born on 5/2. All of this is related to Super Bowl 52. Also interesting it's headquartered in Stamford, CT. I mentioned this place  a lot in 2016 in regards to the Chelsea Bombings/Back to the Future/Exorcism in Earling Iowa....Then a few months later William Peter Blatty died....It was also connected to Marathons...Austin Bomber/Boston Bomber....Stamford held the first ever US marathon...Earling Iowa exorcism was a girl from Marathon, Wisconsin....Earling originally called Marthon, Iowa but changed to Earling because of a Town named Marathon, Iowa. 

5/2 the 122nd day..
Pope Francis=122=San Francisco...located on 122W. 
Royal Rumble=52

Ronda Jean Rousey=220(reverse)
Donald John Trump=220(reverse)

They announced Rousey's in ring debut to be at Wrestlemania 34 exactly 34 days before WM 34. 

I have so many thoughts on this topic I can't even keep it organized...
Roderick George Toombs=316(reverse), 107
Austin 3:16...
Stone Cold=107
Three Hundred Sixteen=98(rev red)
Wrestlemania on the 98th day. 
Oblivion=98(Bridge/Endless Love)
I need to make 1 big blog post re-organizing a bunch of this. 
Rousey gets her final win on 8/1...Bridge stuff...

Rousey came back at the ROYAL RUMBLE....think about that in regards to Revelation 6:12 and the great Earthquake...

Ronda Rousey....RR...99....
RJR....919....the day of the Mexico Earthquake.....
The Fletcher Cox story reminded us of Mexico....The Mexican president and Trump's relations....broken bridge over the Wall? 
Mexican American War ended in 1848'....Wall=48

The mexican earthquake I said was seemingly connected to Los Angeles....

Triple H=333(satanic)
Hot Ronda=333
He's 48 years old....Paul Levesque=48, 156
World Wrestling Entertainment=156(Rev red)
156th prime is 911. 
Hunter HEARST.....
It makes me think of the Patty Hearst story CNN was running not too long ago....She first robbed the bank in San Francisco..
She was also born on 2/20. 

Roddy Piper died 983 days before WM 34....
983 is the 166th prime number. 
The Drone in Oblivion is 166....
166 an important number I've documented in the past 2 years...
Wrestlemania=50=San Francisco

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  1. so the last gator guy... richard zachary taylor..
    Zachary Taylor (November 24, 1784 – July 9, 1850) was the 12th President of the United States, serving from March 1849 until his death.
    died in 50... and died in office... interesting, considering all the assassination talk...