Friday, March 30, 2018

Family's SUV goes over a Cliff-Owen and Bret Hart WWE

My first thought when seeing this story was "O'Doyle Rules" from Billy Madison. After reading through the story however I'm once again reminded of the WWE. 

Look at the family's name....the HART family....they supposedly went "Over the Edge" of a Cliff. 
Think about it the connections I've mentioned to the death of Owen Hart at "Over the Edge" 99 days after the St. Valentines Day Massacre. All wearing the Blue shirts....Owen Hart's character when he died was known as the Blue Blazer...It would be hilarious if they were driving a Blue Blazer over this cliff. 

I wonder if something to do with Wrestlemania 34 is important to Bret Hart.....He had a feud with Stone Cold and was inducted in the Hall of Fame by Stone Cold...
Bret Sergeant Hart=98(rev red)
Bret The Hitman Hart=98(rev red)
The Hitman=98
He was also born on the 183rd day 7/2....Hitman....72 has been a number I've noticed in regards to a possible political assassination..

Roddy Piper even a cousin of the Hart Family. He was the only person to visit Bret in the hospital when he had a stroke....
Bret Hart was also the trainer of Mark Henry who knew a victim in the Austin bombings. 

Bret Hart in some interesting stuff as far as acting too. 
He played the Genie on a stage production of Aladdin...
Also in an episode of the Simpsons called "The Old Man and Lisa". 
Notice it's about Mr. Burns losing his money in the Stock Market....then Bret Hart buys his house. 

Anyway back to the main story....
One of the missing Hart family members is Devonte Hart. I guess he went viral for a picture of him hugging a cop in Portland, Oregon. It was at a protest against police brutality after the Michael Brown shooting. 

The cops name was Sgt. BRET Barnum.....think about that...
Bret Sergeant Hart...

I typed in "Devonte Hart" on and it brought up this article with a picture of his the family at the Goonies House in 2014. 

The Blue Blazer=214(reverse). He was supposed to wrestle The Godfather...All I remember from him was the "Hoe Train". 

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