Friday, March 30, 2018

Quick thoughts on Joan Rivers-Youtube comments always giving me clues

I'm sitting here trying to catch up on everything from other people. I'm getting ready to leave this message on Zenith's video but before I sent it I was looking into Joan Rivers a bit more. I figure if Robin Williams is important then Joan Rivers death that happened just after him would be important. 
I also remembered that my friends dad who was probably the most popular guy in the town died the same day as Joan Rivers 9/4/2014. He was born on 6/14(Trump's bday/Flag Day)...I was thinking about Joan Rivers winning Celebrity Apprentice. Trying to figure out what I might have been supposed to see back then/or now. 
I remember in 2014 a big thing I pointed out was she died 88 days after her bday...."Trump"=88

I noticed Joan Rivers died age 81. 
Joan Rivers=50...a big number that most seems to go back to...
San Francisco=50  
Golden Gate Bridge=81
9/4...."David Bowie"=94=SpaceX and other 94s recently...

Remember she is also mentioned in the Kevin Spacey Family Guy episode about coming back from the Dead...and Christmas 2016 we got the story of her tweeting from the dead. Just thinking about that in regards to Easter in a few days...coming back from the dead....Christmas(birth), Easter(resurrect).

Anyway as I'm looking this up someone leaves a mean comment on an old video about Fat Comedians. Notice their profile picture though. A picture of a BRIDGE...I swear everytime I get a mean message on an old video when I look at the persons profile it is connected to what I'm talking about. 
I just showed an example the other night about the channel "Trap Town" showing the Bridge as well. 

Another example is just the other night I was documenting about Eagles stuff yet again. Then I get a notification from this person. I go to their page and the recently subbed to EAGLE Hollywood Movies. 

So it's funny to me...It's almost as if the mean comments are there for me to notice the symbolism. Is it just synchronicity? Or a way of secretly helping me?  Or are they trying to implant certain programming on me for a certain reason?  I have a lot of questions when it comes to this stuff, but no doubt I'm supposed to see certain things with these comments.

Interesting that Kevin Meaney/Fat Comedians video I put out was 524 days or 1 year 5 months 8 days ago. 
Freemasonry=158(reverse) also 524(satanic)

Also today to 9/4 is 158 days. 

One Hundred Twenty Four=94(rev red)

Also that Jim Ewing post from the other day was on one of my "Jeopardy"=94 videos. 

The 94th day is 4/4....

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