Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Poland Priest wishes for Pope Francis' quick Death-Some thoughts on the Twins symbolism

Pope Francis=175(reverse)

Father Edward Staniek=84, 192, 321(reverse)
How interesting these number I have been mentioning in regards to the Father symbolism and my son...

This story comes 3 months 3 days after Pope Francis' bday. 

It also comes 191 days before the Jesuit anniversary. 
Society of Jesus=191
With the End date it would be 192 days as well fittting for "Pope". 
I just discovered "Catholic Priest"=220(reverse)

I just remembered something in regards to Bridges and Pope Francis too. Remember how he was criticizing Trump about building the WALL...he said anyone who builds walls and not BRIDGES is not a Christian. 
Of course the irony was that building walls is part of the stories in the bible.
It makes a little more sense to me now...remember I documented about Chester Bennington in regards to the new singer of STP...Youtube gave one of my Jay Z TWINS videos a copyright claim. 
Chester Bennington=192 and his bday is March 20th so today 192 days before the Jesuit anniversary. 

We got the story of the Twin astronauts DNA changing on the same day as the Florida Bridge Collapse too. 
Also tomorrow is 3/21 which is 10 days before the Full Moon/Blue Moon/Worm Moon....the day before Easter. 

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