Monday, September 18, 2017

Death of Wrestler Bobby "The Brain" Heenan-Shane McMahon's helicopter Crash

Bobby Heenan=51(rev red) and 48
WWF Manager=48, 51(rev red), 111
His bday was 11/1. 
Wrestler=48(s), 51(rev red)
Announcer=48(rev red)

Interesting he dies on 9/17. It reminds me of the story we got about Shane McMahon being in a helicopter crash in the Atlantic Ocean on 7/19. 
Shane McMahon=51
Helicopter=51(rev red) and 111
Atlantic Ocean=233(reverse)...233 is the 51st prime. 
It was in the Ocean near "Gilgo Beach"=51
McMahon lost to AJ Styles in Wrestlemania 33. 
AJ Styles=51(rev red)

Interesting the helicopter crash was 60 days ago. 
Nine One Seven=60
Shane McMahon=60(s)
Bobby Heenan=60(e)

Heenan dies 1 month 15 days before his bday. Remember Shane McMahon's bday is 1/15. 

The Brain=41
He dies on 17/9. 
The 41st prime number is 179. 
Haha honestly when I thought of The Brain it reminded me of Pinky and the Brain. 
Pinky and the Brain=261(reverse)  A number that just keeps coming up. 

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