Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Pope Francis says Hurricanes show Humanity will Go Down if we don't address Climate Change

Go Down=78, 84(reverse)
Jesuit=84, 78(reverse)
Hurricane=52, 56(reverse)
Society of Jesus=56
Pope=52, 56(reverse)
Climate Change=56
Remember in November 2015 they told us Obama went 15 minutes over schedule at the Paris Climate change meeting? 
Paris France=56
Over Schedule=56
Fifteen Minutes=56
This was just after the Isis Attack in Parish. 
Osama Bin laden=56
Saddam Hussein=56
Adolf Hitler=56

Man is Stupid=71(red rev), 145
Catholic=71, 145(reverse)

When You don't want to see, You don't see=132
Catholic Church=132
Roman Catholic=132
Queen Elizabeth II became Queen 132 days after the Jesuit Anniversary. 
Royal Family=56
King James Bible=56
United States of America=84, 132

Climate Change....CC
Catholic Church...CC
Christopher Columbus...CC
This story just after he gets a black eye in Cartegena, Colombia...CC
Go Down=33

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