Monday, September 4, 2017

Weird AL on the Simpsons after watching a Facebook video mentioning Weird AL

For whatever the reason I was on Facebook a few seconds ago and I was watching this video about Teens reactions to Boy Bands. 
Anyway I was listening to it and I started going back upstairs to the bedroom. The kid says he doesn't know the song, but he's heard the Weird Al Version of it. I open the bedroom door and sit down in my chair and look at the TV and I see cartoon Weird Al on the Simpsons. 

Here's what I saw on the TV. 

Weird Al was what I covered in one of my early videos. I believe it was actually the first video I made in the style I do now(recording and talking). I previously just put music behind a video and made a slideshow with info on it. 
Weird AL is obsessed with 27 as well. Everything around him is 27 or 72. 
Weird AL=72
Weird AL Yankovic=172
Twenty Seven=172
Weird AL 27 Stuff

Interesting today is 2 months 7 days before my bday too. 

I cannot find where I posted about him either. I know I talked about him and his film UHF and a bunch of other stuff but can't seem to find it now. Something to do with the Twinkie Sandwich thing he makes in the movie? 

In this video I talk about Weird Al's song and the connections to the Ebola Virus. 
In this video I mention how the Lord of the Dance is Nataraja, I talk about Dustin Hoffman as well. 
Nataraja=60(red rev) and 150(reverse)
Dustin Hoffman=60, 150
Lately I have been trying to really figure out what exactly is going on instead of just documenting and news story after news story. I mean it's obvious the media and what not is coded but I'm ready to discover more of the WHY/What and so on. I've been trying hard to fully understand this stuff. 
Understand=60(rev red) 150(reverse)
Understanding=60, 150
Weird Al was also the first concert that I went to in my life. 
First concert=60, 150

Ha seriously I restarted the episode of the Simpsons and was just listening to it a bit while I'm typing up this post and researching more about it. I type First concert and Homer finds a shirt and says "A shirt from our first concert". Lol it's just stupid how many times a day this happens to me. 
Polka Music=60(red rev) and 150(reverse)
Los Angeles Dodgers=73 and 89(rev red)
Weird Al Yankovic=73, 89(rev red)
Minnesota Twins=60

Even funnier to me is that this Simpsons episode is all about putting together a Giant Jigsaw Puzzle, similar to what I've been doing. Putting together this puzzle. 

Interesting it's the 308th episode as well. A while back I mentioned 308 but not sure of the significance. 
It was connected to the Space Theme/Glenn Headley...I need to watch being John Malkovich as the plot seems interesting in regards to not having your own thoughts...

Weird Al=317(satanic)
Beyonce Jay Z Twins-Simpsons Freemasons run the Country
317 came up before when I was making a blog post and I heard the Simpsons say Freemason's run the Country just as I was typing about Freemasons. 
Not sure if it's significant but "Bedroom"=317(satanic) also 36, 72 like "Weird AL"=36, 72
World Series=150(reverse)
Dodgers=36, 72 and 317(satanic)

First Concert=174(reverse)
One Hundred Fifty=174
Weird Al is from Downey, California(Los Angeles) which is the birthplace of the Apollo Space program. 
Downey California=174

New World Order=174
False Flag=174(reverse)
At the time of my Weird Al video I was talking about 8's and 88's being everywhere. 
Eighty Eight=174(reverse)

Something I never noticed before was the Weird Al music video I was showing my video had 88 likes and 0 dislikes.

The video this post started from was a post by a girl I used to work with at Casey's General Store. 
I haven't talked to her in probably 5 years and she randomly messaged me on Facebook on August 11th. I didn't respond though for who knows what reason. I think I was at work when I saw it and forgot most likely. 

Jacklyn Wayland Wiebelhaus=261
That 261 I just recently mentioned is significant but I don't know why. 
Two Hundred Sixty One=88(rev red)
Backstreet Boys..Boy Band...BB...88? 

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