Monday, September 25, 2017

Pro Sports Players Kneeling during the National Anthem-88-Trump-Bernie Casey-Colin Kaepernick

Son of a Bitch=185(reverse)
Donald John Trump=185

Us Versus Them=190
Star Spangled Banner=190

Francis Key=159(reverse) also 111(died on 1/11). 
Donald Trump=159
Herbert Hoover=159
Herbert Hoover made the Star Spangled Banner the Official national Anthem. 

Colin Kaepernick=88(rev red)
The Star Spangled Banner=88
Great Garrison Flag=88(inspiration for song)
Written at the Battle of Baltimore...
John Stafford Smith=88(wrote music of SSB)

I have to get some sleep, but this is what I just wrote on Zach's blog in regards to what I wanted to post about in this post. I just don't want to take the time to get screenshots right now. 
I forgot to add that "Aries"=185(Jewish)
Donald John Trump=185
Stock Market Crash=185

Awesome how Lebron James was in the news standing up for Steph Curry as well. This story came out on 9/23...
Lebron James=923(Jewish)
It also comes out 318 days(end date) after the Cavs visited the White House on 11/10..
11/10 leaves 51 days in the year. 
The Cavs just won Cleveland their first sports championship in 51 years. 
Cleveland=51=Lebron James=Cleveland Cavs=Quicken Loans
U Bum=51(reverse)
Cleveland Cavaliers=318(reverse)

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