Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Troy Gentry article on 92.9 The Bull's Facebook-Minnesota Twins

Just went to Facebook and saw this article posted by 92.9 The Bull. It's about the death of Troy Gentry, but notice the other guy wearing the Twins jersey. 

Montgomery had a son named HUNTER die on the Jesuit anniversary, same day Pope Francis left the US. And Gentry killed a bear named Cubby he bought in Minnesota....

I meant to post this last night and look more in to it, but I had to get some sleep. 

Anyway today at work Twins came up yet again. My coworker asked me if Claire had a Twin size bed. I was talking about her recently being into building forts. My coworker asked about the Twin size bed as she could get some type of tent cover for the bed I guess. Later I overheard the same coworker talking to someone else about a person on Facebook and she said, "No that's his Twin".

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