Sunday, September 10, 2017

Catholic Church current Priest in my town-Sevendust Angels Son-Man/Dust/God Gematria-Twins

Every year the Catholic Church in my town has a picnic at the Parish Center about a block away from my house. They also have games for kids to play, so I figured we would go. Many people come to this not just Catholics. 
Anyway as we were waiting in line to get food some guy behind us asked my girlfriend if she was a "Behrendt" as she was wearing a shirt my aunt made with the name on the back. I told him no, but I was a Behrendt and who my dad was and what not. He told me that he is distantly related to me something like his grandma and my dads grandma were sisters? The reason I'm posting this is because he told me his name was "Father" something Brooks or Brook....I wish I was paying more attention. Gonna ask my dad if he knows him next time I see him. Anyway when he said he was a priest I just started laughing in my head that I'm related to a priest. He was with another guy who was also an Ex priest and all he said to me was there were signs everywhere. He was talking about "signs" leading to the Parish Center in town, but it was strange as I was thinking yeah there are "Signs" everywhere. 
I swear too that some of the Knights of Columbus guys act strange around me almost as if they watch my stuff. Possibly not but there seems to be a strange aura whenever I see them that never used to be there. 

While trying to find the name of the Father Brook/s guy online I found the current priest at the Catholic Church. It says Austin, Texas but this has to be him. The phone number listed is a Dunlap number 643-5808 which is the number to the rectory. 
Joel David McNeil=87
Father Joel McNeil=87
I wonder why he is a priest? 
Howard Fitzgerald=87(molesting priest)

Joel McNeil=55(rev red)
Fitting for being the priest in Dunlap, Iowa. 
Dunlap, Iowa=55(rev red)
He's also 55 years old right now. 

I'm even looking this up 55 days(end date) before his bday lol. 
Garden of Eden=55(rev red)

Out of nowhere while typing up this blog my Itunes started playing. I think possibly my mouse was on the download link on the bottom of my web browser, but I didn't mean to click on it if I did as I was typing. 
The song was Buttons by the Pussycat Dolls. 
The Pussycat Dolls=87(rev red)
The Pussycat Dolls-Buttons=78,87(s)
Buttons Ft Snoop Dogg=78, 87(s)

With then end date today is also 312 days after Joel McNeil's bday. 
312 a number I mentioned multiple times in connection to the Jesuits in the past few months. 

Last night some girl requested this song too. "Angels Son" by Sevendust? 

Anyway I always scroll down and look at the comments to make sure the song is the correct one before I download it as people put messed up songs on Youtube a lot. The first comment I read talks about "Twins". 

I just watched the video and the only number I saw in it was on the Drummers shirt. It's fitting for the him too. 

Morgan Rose=55(rev red)

In light of the recent eclipse, I noticed Sevendust has an album called "Black out the Sun". Notice it came out on 3/26 too. 
3/26 the date special to the Angel Gabriel I've mentioned a lot. 
I noticed this looking for "Angels Son". Remember Gabriel told the Virgin Mary she would birth her Son Jesus. 

Think about the name of the Band as well.....7 Dust....God Created man out of Dust.  7 is a super important number to Saturn and the Bible. 
7 main ring groups. 
Saturn's day is the 7th day of the 7 day week and so on. 
God created the World in 7 days....In Genesis 7 God told Noah 7 days before the Flood to take 7 pairs of each clean animal with him and so on.....Think about that in regards to recent weather too. 

Man=10, 17(rev red)
Dust=10, 26(rev red)
God=17, 26 and 10(red rev)
Adam=10, 19 and 26(rev red)..first man..
Eden=19 and 17(rev red)

Thinking about the Pixies song in regards to 7 as well. 
"If Man is 5, then the Devil is 6, Then God is 7, This Monkey's Gone to Heaven"....Lol who knows just reminds me of that song thinking about God and 7. 
The Pixies=52
Frank Black=52
God is Seven=52(rev red)

Since I mentioned the Twins thing about Sevendust just want to mention 1 thing....
The Twins have 20 games left this season, my guess is they finish with a total of 84 or 85 wins this season. 
Minnesota Twins=84(rev red)

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