Friday, September 8, 2017

8.1 Earthquake in Southern Mexico just after I blogged about the Corn Moon and Earthquakes

Ha I was about spot on with story. I just documented how we have got Hurricane stories and Wildfire stories and questioned if we would be getting an Earthquake soon 2 posts ago. Now we get an 8.0 earthquake in Mexico. 
Corn Moon on 9/6 and Earthquake connections
25 minutes I talk about Earthquakes
Last year I posted a video on 9/3 just after midnight in regards to Earthquakes being synced up by the numbers. Then not even 8 hours later we got the 5.6 Oklahoma Earthquake in connection to Sam Bradford going to Minnesota. It was also the first earthquake in my lifetime that anyone has said they felt in Iowa. 
Sam Bradford Earthquake Video

Anyway this new 8.0 earthquake in Mexico: 

The earthquake had a depth of 33 kilometers. 

Strongest quake since 85' huh? lol I literally posted how everything about earthquakes is about the numbers 85 and 58 in my previous post as well. 
Pacific Ocean=58, 85

The Yahoo article tells us it was 76 miles from Pijijiapan. 
Pijijiapan Mexico=97(rev red)
This earthquake happened on 9/7. 

Notice how CNN highlights it's a "Prime Location". 
Prime Location=69
Karen Maginnis=81
They are now saying it's an 8.1 

Angel of Independence=85(rev red)
8.1 Earthquake in Mexico Video

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  1. Corn Moon = ירח תירס and equals 24, 105, 888, 888 in the 4 Hebrew ciphers on