Friday, September 1, 2017

The Newlywed Game in connection to my last post

Just had to add to the last post....
I just posted it and I started watching TV. It's on the gameshow network and The Newlywed Game is on. Anyway the question asked the wives what name they might scream out in bed on accident....
2 of them mentioned celebrities(Morris Chestnut and Justin Bieber) but one of the them said "Josh" because she's dated a lot of Josh's. The reason it sticks out to me is because my girlfriends last 2 boyfriends before me were named Josh. 
Stock market-Super Bowl LII-World Series
See the above link to understand why 192 was important to my last post. 

Also "The Newlywed game"=235(reverse)
I swear I looked about 10 minutes for this number as something I typed but didn't push enter on the Gematrinator was 235. It was important to the Stock Market and I noticed Trump's bday is 235 days before Super Bowl LII. I couldn't figure out what I had typed so I didn't mention it in the post though. 

Also just want to point out "Eclipse"=192(Jewish)

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